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Miranda Lambert loses weight, but stays quiet about it

Miranda Lambert has lost a large amount of weight, but at this time she is still quiet about what she has done to lose it or how much she has lost. In pictures from the BMI Awards, it was obvious she was smaller, but tonight on the CMA Awards she proved it.

Miranda Lambert has been on Twitter, but she isn't talking about weight loss. She is mentioning going to the CMA Awards and getting glammed up ready, but that is it from the country music star.

If you check out the before and after pictures of Miranda Lambert, it is shocking to see how much weight she has obviously lost. It will be interesting to hear her say how much is gone if she ever admits it. Tonight she walked the red carpet with her husband Blake Shelton and wore a blue dress. She looked nothing short of amazing, but nobody asked her about her weight and she didn't offer up any answers about it either. She has always said that she was happy at a size 8.

What do you think of Miranda Lambert and her weight loss? Are you shocked she did it? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.