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McCrae Olson is a Hoarder According to Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson are together now that the show "Big Brother 15" is over, but they are still learning a lot about each other. Amanda has been on her Twitter updating fans on things she is learning and how they are doing. Today she posted that her boyfriend is a hoarder.

McCrae uses his car a lot since he is a pizza delivery boy and she shared a picture of the backseat. In the car, you can see a hubcap, an empty bottle, and a lot more things. The entire backseat is so full that nobody can fit back there and he just has a lot of junk in it. It makes fans wonder what his house looks like and if he hoards everywhere.

It grosses some people out to see McCrae Olson's backseat, but Amanda Zuckerman doesn't seem to mind at all. She threw it up on a social network like it was something funny for everyone to see and not something she was ashamed of at all. You can check out a picture she posted of when they were reunited here.

What do you think of McCrae Olson and his hoarding ways? Are you shocked that Amanda shared it with the world? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and please like my Facebook for the latest news.