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AKNU sings 'Valerie' on 'The X Factor'

Last night on "The X Factor" auditions fans were introduced to AKNU. This group is there brothers who sing together and their dancing was as impressive as their singing. These three boys could dance and were able to stay right together with their awesome moves.

These boys sang the song "Valerie" as a tribute to their mom because that is her name. Simon at first was not happy because he said that he hates that song, but they were able to really impress him regardless of their song choice. There was not one of them better than the other because they were all stars.

They have been singing together for a while and they are all from Los Angeles. They describe the group as classic, but they were able to pull off not looking old fashioned to Simon which is huge for these boys. They did a great job and impressed all of the judges.

AKNU stands for A Kind Never Understood which is a pretty cool name for their group. Simon hasn't told them yet that he doesn't like their name so for now it will be staying.

What do you think of AKNU? Could they end up winning this season of "The X Factor" 2013? Sound off in the comments below.