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Man realizes his wife is gorgeous after surgery in new viral video

A new video to go viral shares an amazing story of a man who wakes up from surgery realizing that he is married to a beautiful woman. This video of Jason Mortensen is one that will melt your heart.

Jason woke up from surgery with no memory at all and he didn't even remember that he was married. As he starts to wake up, he sees a gorgeous woman in front of him and thinks that the doctor sent her in to talk to him. He even asks her if she is a model.

As Jason starts to talk to her more, he realizes that this is his wife and he thinks she is gorgeous. He goes on to call her eye candy and talk about how he hit the jackpot with this one. Jason also asks her if they have children or have ever kissed.

A few people out there do not believe that this is real because they were able to find Jason on a website as an actor. Do you think that it is a hoax or true?

What do you think of Jason Mortensen waking up from surgery and not remembering his wife? Isn't it the sweetest thing ever? Sound off in the comments below.