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Gia Allemand's death rocked Jake Pavelka's world

The loss of Gia Allemand was hard on Bachelor Nation, but Jake Pavelka was someone who took it really hard. He recently went to his Twitter to admit how hard it was on him. Jake said: "Gia's death has rocked my world. Those that have tweeted condolences. Thank u! I've read EVERY 1 of them. Love you guys! U hv bn my rock!"

Jake has also said a few other things and one of them is asking for prayers from his fans which of course they offered to do for him. Pavelka also revealed that he wished he had picked Gia instead of Vienna when he was on "The Bachelor."

Now news is out that Jake Pavelka will be making an appearance on "Dr. Phil" talk talk about the loss of Gia Allemand. He will also be there with Gia's mother who is speaking out for the first time. Reality Steve reported that this has already been taped, but it will not air until next Tuesday which is September 10.

Gia Allemand will always be remembered by Bachelor Nation is a kind person, but Jake seems to be taking it harder than others. Viewers can't wait to hear what Jake Pavelka has to say about Gia Allemand.