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Andrew of 'Breaking Amish: LA' ends up in court

Andrew Schmucker of the original "Breaking Amish" and also "Breaking Amish: LA" has ended up in court. The Courier Express is reporting that just this last week Abe had to go to court.

Andrew had to go to court over a failed urine test. It sounds like he is not keeping his act together.This is sad considering that he just went on the show "Breaking Amish: LA" and it appeared he might be working on getting a better life for himself.

He was originally charged with theft by unlawful taking and had been placed on probation. Part of his probation is staying clean and he is not doing that by not being able to pass a urine test.

Andrew is going to jail in Jefferson County for a short time and then next he will go to 45 days of inpatient treatment at the Gateway Center in Erie.

He is going to need to get his act together or Andrew Schmucker will never get out of jail. He has been in trouble in the past, left the Amish and is now dealing with this problem. It will be interesting to see if they talk about this at all on the finale of "Breaking Amish: LA" when they do a reunion show.