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Dave Hester left 'Storage Wars': Where is this reality star now?

Dave Hester left the show "Storage Wars" and his fans are missing him. IB Times was able to track down Dave and find out where he is at now and what is going on in his life since leaving the show.

He is still working in the storage unit business, but it is just not airing on television for the world to see now. Dave is actually playing the auctioneer part at some of the auctions now and has been doing this for a while now. He knows his stuff.

Do you remember when he used to say "YUUUP" all the time? Now Dave is selling merchandise with this saying on it and is probably making some pretty good money off of it. He does have a lot of fans. Dave Hester also sells stuff on eBay.

Dave is tweeting a lot and he doesn't have great things to say about "Storage Wars." He left the show on bad terms and it doesn't look like things got any better. Don't expect to see him coming back to the show at all. Dave Hester is not a fan.

Do you miss Dave Hester on "Storage Wars"? Rumors are that Barry Weiss is gone after this season too. It is going to be different without those two on the show.