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Betsy's witchcraft to be shown on 'Breaking Amish: LA'

Tonight there is a new episode of "Breaking Amish: LA" on TLC. According to Radar Online, tonight's episode is going to show Betsy and her wild witchcraft ways. She admits that she has been doing this for a while now and it seems like a normal way of life for her.

Iva and the others get home from dinner and there are candles everywhere. It looks like some kind of odd witchcraft was going on but Betsy is nowhere to be seen. Instead they find Andrew asleep on the couch saying that she lit the candles and then left. Iva decides to record it all on her phone to share.

In another clip from the episode, Betsy talks to Andrew about her witchcraft and says that she has been doing it for a while now. She went as far as to say that she has been having sex with Satan. Betsy says that she wakes up at night and can feel Satan having sex with her like a snake going up inside of her. Now this girl is a little bit crazy. Of course the Amish look down on witchcraft.

"Breaking Amish: LA" airs on Sundays on TLC. Don't miss this new episode that will air tonight.