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'Sister Wives' season 4: Brown family talks selling their house in Utah

It looks like the Brown family of "Sister Wives" has decided it is time to put down some roots in Las Vegas. In a new preview of season 4 posted on Radar Online, Kody and Meri talk about finally selling their house in Utah.

Kody and Meri take a trip with Mariah back to Utah so she can see the college she plans to attend. They had kept their house so she would have the option to live there, but when they go into it things are just not the same. The house is sitting empty. It doesn't smell like them anymore and without their spirits there it is simply just a house.

Now that the Brown family has purchased houses in Las Vegas, Kody and Meri decide that it just might be time to let their house in Utah go. They could sell it and just be done with it. Mariah thinks that living in the dorms could be a good thing and it sounds like their huge Utah house will be on the market any day now.

This house shouldn't take long to sell honestly. Utah is a huge area for polygamists, but these houses are probably hard to find. It will be great news for the family of "Sister Wives" when it is sold.