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Josh Marks of 'MasterChef' loses sponsors after arrest

Josh Marks may have been a finalist on "MasterChef," but that doesn't mean that his world isn't falling apart now. He was arrested recently and tried to say that he fought with police because Gordon Ramsay entered his body and made him God. This arrest has now caused him to lose at least two sponsors and more may drop him soon.

According to TMZ, Josh was the spokesperson for the "Make a Sound Project" but that is not the case anymore. This organization helps people who are battling depression and they do not want him to be part of the organization anymore. Josh has officially been dropped as their spokesperson.

He was also supposed to be a celebrity judge for a NYC cooking competition called "Culinary Fight Night" but they do not want him as part of this either. They do not want to put their fans in danger or have him tarnish their brand.

At this time, Josh Marks is still in the hospital and getting treatment. It is unknown how long he will be there or if he will lose more sponsors before he can get out and try to save what is left of his career. Are you shocked by what this "MasterChef" finalist did? Sound off in the comments.