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Joe Giudice of 'RHONJ' Gets a Court Date

Joe Giudice of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" has known that he will be going to court for a while now. Joe finally has a court date but it is not coming for a few months still. This has to be stressful for their entire family.

Why is Joe going to court? He is in trouble for forgery and he could actually end up with up to 10 years behind bars. Reports say that after his license was suspended he went in and got a new one with his brother's birth certificate and wedding license. This will make things pretty hard on his wife Teresa Giudice if she has to raise their girls by herself.

His court was scheduled for July 15 but it had to be moved because Joe's attorney was involved in a homicide case that was at the exact same time. He could not miss that hearing to be there for Joe. Now he will be appearing in court on Oct. 28 and will then find out if he will be spending time in jail. Do you think Joe Guidice belongs behind bars?

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will air the explosive fight between Joe Guidice and Joe Gorga tonight on the new episode on Bravo.