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'Breaking Amish: LA' Spoiler: Get to Know Iva

"Breaking Amish: LA" will premiere tomorrow night on TLC. A new sneak peek of the show lets fans get to know Iva. She just happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Jeremiah Raber. Now that is an interesting twist.

The preview starts out showing Iva explaining that when you are Amish your dolls do not have faces. They believe that everyone is the same in God's eyes so they just don't see the reason to have faces on the dolls.

Iva explains that when she was little she wanted her doll to have a face. She explains it that the Amish makes it where you don't have an identity. She is 19-years-old.

They do have a refrigerator but it is ran by propane. This Amish family does not have electricity at all. She also shows that they eat food out of a jar and the food they are eating are the animals she thought of as family pets.

She went on to say that if the Bishop found out what she is doing there would be an issue. According to Iva, Amish people gossip a lot. This is not shocking at all.

"Breaking Amish: LA" will air tomorrow night on TLC along with the premiere of season 4 of "Sister Wives."