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Conflict & Tragedy

Skeleton of Missing Woman Found in Hoarder Husband's House

A missing teacher's body was finally found in the home of her husband who was a hoarder. James Nichols lived in New York and is described as a very detached man. He was a hoarder who would be seen outside just starring off into space and not talking to anyone.

Back in the year 1985, his wife Joann went missing. She worked as a teacher and nobody had any idea where she was at or where to even look. The police checked their house, but obviously didn't check behind a false wall in the house.

James recently died and his house is now being cleaned out. The person cleaning out everything found a false wall and behind it was the skeleton of his late wife JoAnn. The cause of death was a blow to the head. It looks like he got away with murder.

Police do admit that they thought James might have had something to do with her disappearance. He is already deceased so they will not be able to press any charges against him on the death of his wife JoAnn Nichols.