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Kate Upton Rides a Horse Topless

Kate Upton riding a horse topless is something that any man would probably want to see and now you get your chance. New York Daily News posted today about her new photo shoot that does look like she had a great time.

The video starts with Kate out on the horse with a zip-up hoodie on and she looks really comfortable. She leans down to give the horse a hug. She then unzips her top to reveal a very sexy bra and someone else helps her to hold the horse.

Kate Upton then takes off her sarong to reveal nude colored panties and then it is time for the top to come off. The gorgeous model is still wearing her high heels and leans down to hug the horse again. Now that is one lucky horse!

What do you think of Kate Upton's topless shoot on a horse? It looks like a great time and this will make for some gorgeous pictures when they come out. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.