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Super Tuesday 2012 election results

The day that could have decided the GOP candidate to face Barack Obama in 2012, pulled Mitt Romney a step closer to the nomination, but ultimate victory is still not a lock.

Romney won 6 of the 10 states up for grabs on Super Tuesday, but Rick Santorum is still breathing down his neck.

Santorum took North Dakota, Tennessee and Oklahoma, and gave Romney a run for his money running a close second in the battle ground state of Ohio.

As expected, Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia.

Ron Paul went home without a victory. However in the head-to-head face off in Virginia, Paul claimed 40.5% of the vote.

Full results for Super Tuesday 2012


Romney 32.6%

Santorum 29.0%

Gingrich 14.2%

Paul 24.0%


Romney 25.7%

Santorum 19.6%

Gingrich 47.4%

Paul 6.5%


Romney 61.6%

Santorum 18.2%

Gingrich 2.1%

Paul 18.1%


Romney 72.1%

Santorum 12.1%

Gingrich 4.6%

Paul 9.6%

North Dakota

Romney 23.7%

Santorum 39.7%

Gingrich 8.5%

Paul 28.1%


Romney 38.0%

Santorum 37.0%

Gingrich 14.6%

Paul 9.3%


Romney 28.0%

Santorum 33.8%

Gingrich 27.5%

Paul 9.6%


Romney 28.0%

Santorum 37.3%

Gingrich 24.0%

Paul 9.0%


Romney 59.5%

Santorum Not on ballot

Gingrich Not on ballot

Paul 40.5%


Romney 39.8%

Santorum 23.7%

Gingrich 8.1%

Paul 25.4%