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Israeli airstrike kills top Islamic Jihad commander
[ By saleh1966 | Jul 09, 2014 ]
Israel has stepped up its indiscriminate aggression in a violent and crazy way on all areas of the Gaza Strip since the early morning hours of Wedn...
Presidential elections: Afghans still have to wait for their share of freedom
[ By aymaan30 | Jul 07, 2014 ]
Commentary An Iraq-like sectarian crisis looms over Afghanistan as rifts are already apparent amongst the country’s diverse ethnicity, follow...
Media coverage of Palestinian deaths versus that of the three murdered Israeli teens
[ By northsunm32 | Jul 05, 2014 ]
Opinion The recent deaths of three Israeli teenagers who had been hitch-hiking in the West Bank has received extensive coverage in the UK, the US a...
More Politics
Speaker John Boehner summarily dismisses Sarah Palin impeachment talk: 'I disagree'
[ By MrGrassroots | Jul 09, 2014 ]
House Speaker John Boehner held a press conference today and he was asked about Sarah Palin's remarks and an op-ed editorial, in which she said President Barack Obama should be impeached, sayin...
ISIS: Legitimate threat or contrived hoax?
[ By tjlarson | Jul 08, 2014 ]
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, or simply IS, as the group is now called, has burst upon the scene seemingly out of nowhere, ruthlessly dispatching its foes with brutal and terrifying ef...
In Ohio, Democratic gubernatorial candidate FitzGerald takes aim at Kasich over energy policy
[ By JohnMichaelSpinelli | Jul 07, 2014 ]
Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who won his first term in 2010 by a narrow margin with the help of Buckeye tea party activists who have since turned on him over a variety of issues, has enjoyed an unchallen...
Blame Obama and Democrats for Hobby Lobby decision – not Supreme Court or GOP
[ By herbinchi | Jul 07, 2014 ]
Opinion Was anyone really surprised by the Supreme Court's June 30 decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby allowing any private company to refuse contraception coverage to its employees? I hope not....
BBC journalists instructed to put a stop to phony ‘editorial balance'
[ By danielkoeker | Jul 07, 2014 ]
Journalistic integrity has just gotten a little boost from the BBC Trust, which has instructed its journalists to stop inviting unqualified “experts” to add balance to stories that don&...
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