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Breaking News: Wildfire at Colorado foothills.
Posted by: zheark

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-02-07 19:07:23 -0800 | disasters-news

Up in Colorado foothills, northwest of Boulder, a wildfire had started to spark, and the fire destroyed some of the property but, thank God, no injuries were reported. The fire starts on the dry and rugged foothills of Colorado located...
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Breaking News: Wildfire erupts near Boulder: no injuries reported
Posted by: CindyRoberts25

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-03-07 02:32:15 -0800 | disasters-news

A wildfire sparked up in the Colorado foothills northwest of Boulder. Even though this Boulder fire destroyed some property, no injuries were reported A fire broke out in the dry and rugged Colorado foothills which are located in the Four...
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Posted by: LouiseRoys

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-07-27 20:54:26 -0700 | technology-news

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed the existence of a baked object that could be called a "cometary planet." The gas giant planet, named HD 209458b, is orbiting so close to its star that its heated atmosphere is...
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Breaking News: Woman Convicted Of Taping Dog To Fridge!
Posted by: Nightwanderer

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2010-07-11 18:36:11 -0700 | odd-news

Twenty-one year old Abby Toll was sentenced last Friday to 30 days in jail and 3 years of probation for simply duct-taping her boyfriend's 2 year old Shiba-Inu to the fridge. Toll was convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty. Prosecutors say...
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Posted by: George Vieto

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-07-26 14:21:53 -0700 | odd-news

Associated Press reports from Boulder Colorado that Sergeant Fred Gerhardt said Wednesday a man dressed as a leprechaun who leaped between cars in a Colorado supermarket parking lot and proceeded to shoot people with his fingers. Eyewitness said the man...
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Breaking News: Sports must embrace technology or risk losing fans
Posted by: kaleidoscopeshadow

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2010-07-01 05:17:11 -0700 | sports-news

The World Cup is the biggest event in global sports, so it is appropriate that it has been an embodiment of all the is great, and all that is wrong, in sport today. We have seen high drama, exhilarating athleticism,...
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Posted by: rondon

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-03-16 12:09:50 -0700 | technology-news

In Boulder ,Colorado 6-29-2010 Elated researchers say they have found a 10,000 year old hunting weapon, that had been preserved in melting ice near Yellowstone national park. The spear-like wooden dart was found in 2007, but the University of Colorado...
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Source: The Glenwood Post Independent

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2010-08-21 03:03:26 -0700 | allnews

A pile of pooey apples would stop me in the middle of a wide trail in the woods. There would be no going around the stuff, even if it wasn't steaming. As far as I could see, for a long...
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Posted by: Haiderk

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-02-07 20:03:56 -0800 | health-news

So it has come to observation that the search of Still's disease is hitting record numbers and a lot of people are wanting to find out more about the disease; well here are the most basic facts about the disease....
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Posted by: George Vieto

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-07-26 14:29:36 -0700 | sports-news

Linda Lappe who played basketball for the University of Colorado Golden Buffaloes from 1998-2003 and led the team to three NCAA tournament appearances including a Elite Eight appearence in 2002 was hired to be the new head coach of the...
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Breaking News: Sundolier provides FREE Light for up to 2500 square feet inside your Home, Office, Library...
Posted by: instgtr

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-04-13 15:23:56 -0700 | technology-news

Light from the Sun doesn't cost anything and Sundolier of Boulder Colorado has found a way to make one of these "light gathering" reflectors illuminate up to 2500 square feet inside your home, business, school, library or whatever... The benefits...
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Posted by: rondon

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-03-16 12:14:45 -0700 | political-news

Today in the religious news corner, 3-05-2010... The Denver Archdiocese says the relationship between two woman violates the schools policy. The teachers at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic school held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the issue. The student would...
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Breaking News: Colorado shooting suspect now faces 15 charges
Posted by: George Vieto

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-07-26 14:33:09 -0700 | disasters-news

Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood who is accused of two counts of attempted murder of two Deer Creek Middle School in Colorado students on Feburary 23 was in jail appearing on a video link when prosecutors in court on Tuesday placed...
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Breaking News: Finding Our Voices: Healing Art Activities
Posted by: anonymous

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-02-26 19:58:01 -0800 | arts-culture-news

Finding Our Voices: Healing Art Activities by Lynn Tolson on February 22, 2010 in Art Therapy Share April is National Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. In the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, Finding Our Voices is inviting you! Call to Artists...
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Breaking News: Boulder Rated Healthiest Happiest City In U.S.
Posted by: RobertWeller991

Boulder :: CO :: USA | updated 2012-10-30 18:16:51 -0700 | allnews

Mountain City Rated Best Place To Live in the Country A city that is often made fun of in Colorado for being so politically correct and liberal is getting the last laugh.Some right wingers (by Colorado standards) referred to it...
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