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Breaking News: Republicans now frontrunners in 2014 House, Senate elections
Posted by: Barry Ellsworth

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-01-05 16:12:33 -0800 | political-news

A new headache for President Barack Obama – a poll released Thursday contained the ominous news that the Republicans have surged ahead in the horse race to win the Senate and House in the 2014 elections. The CNN/ORC International poll...
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Breaking News: Political correctness: This dangerous new inquisition by the Left
Posted by: larsknutson

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-06-17 10:16:23 -0700 | political-news

During an interview on Fox News, May 22, Dr. Ben Carson explained the notorious February 2013 "Prayer Breakfast speech" by highlighting Western cultural reluctance to greet each other with the simple "Merry Christmas"---a salutation difficult to take offensively. He asserted...
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Breaking News: Both then and now, Puritanism is our biggest flaw
Posted by: Michael Rappaport

Griffin :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-04-05 03:31:53 -0700 | lifestyle-news

"Puritanism assumes that every human act must either be right or wrong, and that 99 percent of them are wrong."

 For nearly 50 years, most of the first half of the 20th century, Henry Louis Mencken was the...
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Breaking News: How we lost the war on terror
Posted by: tjlarson SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-07-26 22:19:20 -0700 | political-news

Opinion More than a decade ago, the events of Sept. 11, 2001, catalyzed the American landscape and brought about major transformations within several fundamental tenets of our society. No other event in American history has brought such rapid and dramatic...
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Breaking News: Court overturns Internet ‘Net neutrality' rules
Posted by: itobin53 SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-01-17 07:24:08 -0800 | technology-news

The US Court of Appeals D.C. Circuit decided in favor of Verizon Tuesday, overturning the Federal Communications Commission’s Net neutrality rules. In doing so, the Internet freedom Americans once knew is under serious threat. If ever there were an example...
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Breaking News: Jameis Winston suspended from FSU baseball team after alleged shoplifting incident
Posted by: Shawn Lealos

Tallahassee :: FL :: USA | updated 2014-05-03 14:29:33 -0700 | sports-news

Jameis Winston, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, was arrested Tuesday for shoplifting, and the Florida State Seminoles baseball team suspended him following the incident. The crime was stealing crab legs from a supermarket. ESPN reported Winston will be fined $30...
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Breaking News: Sotomayor tells it like it is in dissent on affirmative action ruling
Posted by: VeronicaS SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-28 07:37:25 -0700 | political-news

Opinion Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling against using affirmative action in Michigan’s higher education admissions, one justice knew the truth: The decision didn’t match America’s reality, even 50-plus years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. In Tuesday’s...
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Breaking News: Do you know how your dog could suffer and die if locked in a hot car? (Video)
Posted by: itobin53

Brooksville :: FL :: USA | updated 2014-05-07 16:14:41 -0700 | disasters-news

It doesn’t have to be the height of summer for a dog to die in a locked car. As a Florida woman learned at the end of April, a vehicle parked in the hot sun can reach 120 degrees in...
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Breaking News: Did Edward Snowden's hubris seal his 'man-without-a-country' fate?
Posted by: Dava Castillo SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-01-05 13:35:26 -0800 | political-news

Edward Snowden’s life is on hold in Russia after seeking asylum there when his passport was revoked by the US for espionage. Despite his desire to leave the country and relocate, apparently back to the United States, he made statements...
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Breaking News: What do you call an exclusive club of multi-millionaires? Congress
Posted by: VeronicaS

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-02-13 08:02:17 -0800 | political-news

Congress now looks like an elite country club, with the mass wealth and out-of-touch exclusivity to match. And while America’s 1 percent legislators slash social programs and aid for vets and vote nay on benefits for the unemployed, their net...
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Breaking News: Greenwald returns to US first time since Snowden leaks: Will Obama arrest him?
Posted by: JOHN-THOMAS DIDYMUS SelectMedia

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-04-13 10:56:56 -0700 | political-news

The Huffington Post is reporting that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, two US journalists who have played prominent roles in the series of reporting about the classified National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden, will be in the US...
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Breaking News: Here we go again – 106 million Americans in path of Winter Storm Titan
Posted by: Barry Ellsworth

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-03-04 12:08:50 -0800 | disasters-news

Top up the salt reserves, make sure the shovel is sturdy and that you have a good supply of flashlight batteries – another round of winter is in store for an estimated 106 million Americans. Winter Storm Titan will bring...
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Breaking News: In the end, it's up to the people to grab back power
Posted by: Michael Rappaport

Griffin :: GA :: USA | updated 2014-01-28 10:18:48 -0800 | political-news

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." John Steinbeck understood America perhaps as well as any other writer with the possible exception of Mark Twain. His...
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Breaking News: Critics charge DOJ uses Operation Choke Point to thwart legal gun, ammo dealers
Posted by: Barry Ellsworth

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2014-06-10 13:59:45 -0700 | political-news

An Obama administration initiative aimed at eliminating business fraud is drawing the ire of critics who charge that thousands of small gun retailers and manufacturers are in danger of losing their businesses because the administration finds them objectionable. The administration...
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Breaking News: In abortion rights protest, two wrongs don't make a right
Posted by: Mike Sarzo SelectMedia

Germantown :: MD :: USA | updated 2014-03-21 09:33:37 -0700 | disasters-news

Opinion Maryland has seemingly been fertile ground for blatant violations of individual rights to privacy and for commissions of identity theft by criminals with a variety of motives. The most recent example involves a Maryland-based pro-choice group Voice of Choice,...
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