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Breaking News: Turkey has arrested the main suspect behind the bomb attacks
Posted by: fibonnaci

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 03:49:38 -0700 | disasters-news

Saturday 11 May, 51 people were killed when explosions struck the city Reyhanlı in Hatay province in Turkey near the border with Syria. Today Turkish authorities said they have arrested one of the main suspects for the attacks, reports the...
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Breaking News: Turkey: Arrest of the bombing suspects Reyhanli.
Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 03:50:10 -0700 | disasters-news

Security forces Turkey has arrested a key suspect involved in two car bombings in the south recently Reyhanli town, as nearly 50 people were killed. Suspects were identified as Mehmet G, is said to be the owner of two cars...
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Breaking News: Turkey calls for regime change in Syria after fatal bomb attack
Posted by: Nathan Salant

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 06:50:58 -0700 | disasters-news

Turkey called for a change at the top in Syria following two fatal car bombings Sunday that it blamed on a group associated with the embattled Assad government in Damascus. "It is time for the international community to act together...
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Breaking News: Syria denies involvement in Turkey's twin blasts as death toll rises to 177
Posted by: saleh1966

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 06:54:08 -0700 | disasters-news

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has denied any allegations that Syria was behind the two car bombings that killed 177 people and wounded dozens more in the Turkish town of Reyhanli, just a few miles from the main border crossing...
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Breaking News: Syria denies any involvement in Saturday's car bombing in Turkey
Posted by: arkar

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 06:54:31 -0700 | disasters-news

A deadly car bomb tore through the Turkish border town of Reyhanli yesterday, claiming 46 lives in one of the deadliest bombings in the country in recent history. Following the attack, Turkish police said that they had arrested at least...
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Breaking News: Car bombs kill 43 in Turkish town near Syrian border
Posted by: saleh1966

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 04:27:40 -0700 | disasters-news

At least 43 people were killed and more than 100 others injured, including 29 in critical condition, after two car bombs exploded in the Turkish town of Reyhanli just a few miles from the main border crossing into Syria, CNN...
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Breaking News: Explosions hit southern Turkey
Posted by: Adrian Holman

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 04:27:42 -0700 | disasters-news

The town of Reyhanli in the Hatay province of Turkey was rocked by explosions today. The blasts occurred near two municipal offices in the town near the Turkey-Syria border. Over thirty people were killed and over 100 were injured by...
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Breaking News: In pictures car bombs kill dozens in Turkish town Reyhanli on Syria border
Posted by: Falconcrest

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 04:30:40 -0700 | political-news

Two vehicles bombs killing 41 people and injuring 100 others that hit a Turkish town near the border with Syria, , local media have reported. The first blast occurred at about 1:55 p.m outside the city hall while the other...
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Breaking News: demise tool may rise from 20, 46 injured in blast near Turkey border
Posted by: M. Tahir

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-05-24 04:33:01 -0700 | disasters-news

Smoke climbed above Reyhanli, which located in Turkey's southern Hatay region, after the blasts, which happened near nearby administrative edifices. "We have around 20 dead and 46 people were injured, however we need to note that a number of the...
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Posted by: fibonnaci

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-03-10 16:59:23 -0700 | disasters-news

Turkish TV today released video images of the car with Syrian signs, which exploded at the border crossing on the Turkish town Reyhanli Monday. There was placed a huge bomb in the vehicle, and 14 people were killed and dozens...
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Breaking News: At least 13 killed in vehicle blast on Turkey-Syria border
Posted by: saleh1966

Reyhanlı :: Turkey | updated 2013-03-08 12:30:05 -0800 | disasters-news

At least 13 people, including Turkish citizens were killed and over 28 people were wounded, 13 of them in critical situation, when a vehicle exploded at a border crossing Turkey's border with Syria, near the Turkish town of Reyhanli, on...
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