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Posted by: Arslanahmad666

Bogotá :: Colombia | updated 2013-01-11 09:39:06 -0800 | funny-news

Five FARC guerrillas, three policemen and one minor were killed in a guerrilla attack on the southern Colombian town of San Vicente del Caguan Friday, local media sa fighting between guerrillas and soldiers broke out on the outskirts of the...
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Breaking News: Shirin & Farhad - A True Persian Love Story
Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Sandy Ground :: Anguilla | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:17 -0800 | funny-news

There is a place, high up in the mountains of Kurdistan. Where the crow roams freely and the snow finally meets the sun. Where you can fall wild like a mountain and run with a stone in your hand. This...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Stoney Ground :: Anguilla | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:19 -0800 | funny-news

Subject: How are these interesting equations?? Equation 1Human = eat + sleep + work + enjoyDonkey = eat + sleepTherefore, Human = Donkey + work + enjoyTherefore, Human - enjoy = Donkey + workIn other words, Human that don't enjoy...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Sint Nicolas :: Aruba | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:19 -0800 | funny-news

A DREAM - IF I BECOME A CHIEF MINISTER OF A STATE I'm starting this blog, to know what we are looking / expecting from our elected leaders / legislators. How and what way they need to administrate and function...
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Breaking News: "High Urinals " You Must Be In The Fifth Grade
Posted by: mrspleats

Kingston :: Jamaica | updated 2012-04-10 08:08:17 -0700 | funny-news

This is a funny email i received today,read and have a laugh A group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, accompanied by two female teachers, went on a field trip to the local racetrack, (Churchill Downs ) to learn about...
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Breaking News: Ways to live
Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Sucre :: Ecuador | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:38 -0800 | funny-news

1. Start Each Day with a Creative State of MinD As you open your eyes to greet the new day, spend the first few minutes thinking of the things that bring you the most happiness and comfort. It can be...
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Posted by: Mehwish Kamran

Maracaibo :: Venezuela | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:38 -0800 | funny-news

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez keeps himself busy in wording fight with Americans every often. But in a meeting with Hillary in Brazil he got sweetened with her. Hillary got hilarious on one of his demand, while having a chit chat...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

All Saints :: Antigua and Barbuda | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:49 -0800 | funny-news

1.) You should talk about “emotional” topics like childhood memories, future ambitions, or her passions. These conversation topics will open up her emotional floodgates.2.) Women want a guy who is not afraid to lead her. While talking to a woman...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Speightstown :: Barbados | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:50 -0800 | funny-news

A completely inebriated man was stumbling down the street with one foot on the curb and one foot in the gutter. A cop pulled up and said, "I've got to take you in, pal. You're obviously drunk." Our wasted friend...
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Breaking News: New prefix Blonde Joke
Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Atyrá :: Paraguay | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:50 -0800 | funny-news

New prefix Blonde Joke If blondes and bimbos were the same thing, the prefix 'bim' could be used to create new words that describe them:Bimbabble - noises coming from a group of blondesBimbaffled - constant mental state of blondesBimbait -...
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Breaking News: The meaning of writing is . . . . .
Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Santa Marta :: Panama | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:51 -0800 | funny-news

First of all ,I dont belong at all to this category of people whom don't like to write,that's why i want to bring some arguments to prove that wrinting is something that make us more free,more open heart to others,more...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Swetes :: Antigua and Barbuda | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:51 -0800 | funny-news

Tina eyed her first crush on the guy next door to her boarding house when she was still in HighSchool.The good looking guy is Ram, and he has caught so much attention from those girls around. While Tina was enrolled...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Cockburn Town :: Bahamas | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:52 -0800 | funny-news

Originally, the terms Alpha, Beta, and even Gammas and Omega male applied to animals who live in packs, such as wolves and apes. The Alpha is the dominant one...The strongest, meanest and the one who gets to have sex with...
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Breaking News: Did You Send A Big Thank You For All The Educational E-mails You Get (Wink! Wink!)Too Funny
Posted by: mrspleats

Kingston :: Jamaica | updated 2012-04-10 08:10:34 -0700 | funny-news

I love this I am sure we all receive them, these emails warning us and teaching us about everything that could possibly happen read and enjoy and you send a big thank you too (not!) A Big Thank You !As...
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