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Breaking News: Hunger charity ad shows black child being fed ‘like a dog'
Posted by: Nina Rai

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-07-21 12:15:05 -0700 | humanitarian-news

Feed A Child, a South African children’s charity group has issued a public apology after its controversial advertisement meant to raise awareness of hungry children sparked off a massive uproar. The one-minute TV ad has been labeled “racist” by many...
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Breaking News: Dying 72 Year Old Prisoner Refused Release in Spite of Parole Approval
Posted by: Africadesk

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-06-02 11:00:57 -0700 | humanitarian-news

South Africa's oldest prisoner is a frail, terminally ill 72 year old man named Clive Derby-Lewis. He has served 21 years in prison and although his parole was approved in 2008, the authorities have refused to release him. Mr Derby-Lewis...
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Posted by: sanga

Durban :: South Africa | updated 2014-05-15 12:50:32 -0700 | humanitarian-news

its always hard to get over the pain of a broken relationship. Especially when you are the person that ends up getting dumped or hurt just when you thought that this was the right person for you, He or she...
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Posted by: sanga

Durban :: South Africa | updated 2014-05-15 12:28:54 -0700 | humanitarian-news

Are you missing the old times with your loved one, is it a harsh reality that you can't forget him or her, are you feeling the loneliness of not seeing him or her, now it's the reality you the hunter...
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Breaking News: Hex Removal Spells call +27785561683
Posted by: Kiwedde

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-04-11 04:41:17 -0700 | humanitarian-news

Hex Removal Spells call +27785561683 Hex Removal Spells Cast hex removal spells to be free from black magic, hexes, curses, negative energies etc. This protection spell spell will heighten and strengthen your inner senses and your own natural defense system...
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Breaking News: The Fate of Thousands of Reptiles Stranded is not a Pretty Picture
Posted by: kksuccess6

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-02-04 10:39:35 -0800 | humanitarian-news

A news story that emerged today was not a pretty picture. 1,000 reptiles remained stranded in South Africa when storms forced a US flight to be cancelled. It was devastating that 400 of these reptiles had to die from stress...
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Posted by: Kiwedde

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-01-16 02:44:00 -0800 | humanitarian-news

TRADITIONAL HEALER AND SPIRITUAL HEALER +27785561683 I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change...
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Breaking News: Skin lightening cream   +27785561683
Posted by: Kiwedde

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2013-12-11 14:48:00 -0800 | humanitarian-news

SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM The skin lightening cream helps to solve several pigmentation issues. Do you have black knuckles, eczema on your fingers? Does your body have uneven shades darker than your face, neck, and chest. Do you have uneven skin...
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Breaking News: South Africa: Obama extols Mandela as 'giant of history' at memorial
Posted by: Nina Rai

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2014-03-04 23:30:57 -0800 | humanitarian-news

Paying a poignant tribute to Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama extolled the South African leader as a “giant of history" Tuesday and also hailed him as the "last great liberator of the 20th century." Obama made the comment while speaking...
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Posted by: preetamkaushik

Cape Town :: South Africa | updated 2014-06-04 10:10:27 -0700 | humanitarian-news

The world knew him as Nelson Mandela. Somewhere in a bureaucrat’s diary, he will be referred to as Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The ardent followers from his native land will remember him as Tata Madiba — “Tata” meaning father and Madiba,...
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Breaking News: A Legend Dies; Nelson Mandela is no more.
Posted by: markzin

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2013-12-09 15:55:51 -0800 | humanitarian-news

The world has been struck with grief. The Legendary Anti-Apartheid hero, Nelson Mandela, Popularly Known as “Madiba” within South Africa is no more. He died on Thursday 05, Of December at around 20:50 (08:50 P.M) in the company of his...
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Breaking News: Save the rhino - poaching in South Africa reaches an all-time high
Posted by: prabirghose

Krugersdorp :: South Africa | updated 2013-10-03 21:26:52 -0700 | humanitarian-news

In this year, so far 704 rhinos have been killed by illegal poachers in South Africa and is much more than the 668 killed last year and, if the trend continues, and if the figure goes up to 1000 in...
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Breaking News: “Mom, They are Shooting at Me” Final Words of Another SA Police Victim
Posted by: Africadesk

Durban :: South Africa | updated 2013-09-23 17:40:33 -0700 | humanitarian-news

This month the out of control South African Police claimed another innocent life. KwaZulu-Natal restaurateur, Leanne Douglas was driving to visit her mother early on Sunday night when she crashed and died after being shot at by police. Ms Douglas...
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Posted by: Smartreporter

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2013-09-05 14:33:10 -0700 | humanitarian-news

JOHANNESBURG: Ex-South African President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from the hospital and shifted to home. He has spent a long time in the hospital in critical condition. Presidential Spokesman has said that his condition is still critical however, doctors...
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Breaking News: SA Human Rights Activist Under Media Attack Again
Posted by: Africadesk

Johannesburg :: South Africa | updated 2013-08-28 08:03:41 -0700 | humanitarian-news

The South African human rights activist, Sunette Bridges is under attack from the SA media once again. Ms. Bridges is regularly belittled and ridiculed by journalists in the giant NASPERS media group which refuses to print information on the daily...
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