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Breaking News: More than 2.5 million pilgrims performing Hajj
Posted by: Ayeshamir165

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-04-12 13:32:14 -0700 | arts-culture-news

5th Nov 2011: More than 2.5 million pilgrims have gathered in Arafat to perform Hajj.Dhul Hijja, is the climax of the hajj season, Main rites of Hajj have been started from Friday all the pilgrims have ben gathered around Mount...
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Breaking News: The escalation of Muhammad to Heavens - the Night Walking in Ragab -
Posted by: Abdel Fattah Hussein

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-11-02 15:14:04 -0700 | arts-culture-news

In 621 A.D, there was the Night walking and the escalating spiraling to Heavens . Some say this was done by soul only while some others say by soul and body . One of the German orientlist narrated from the...
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Posted by: muhammadshahjehankhan

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-03-03 10:11:53 -0800 | arts-culture-news

Ouraysh had tried to destroy Islam but had failed. The number of Muslims grew and their armies increased from three hundred at the battle of Badr, seven hundred at the battle of "Uhud, to three thousand at the battle of...
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Breaking News: "Terrorism Forbidden In Islam," Declares Grand Mufti At Makkah Sermon.
Posted by: FauziaSultana

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-04-16 06:06:22 -0700 | arts-culture-news

During the annual Haj sermon held at Mount Arafat Grand Mufti reminded the mammoth congregation of Muslims that terrorism was against the norms of Islam and such acts should never be reciprocated. Sheikh Abdul Aziz,the Mufti in question further preached...
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Breaking News: Hujjaj offered Eid-ul-Azha, performed sacrifices in Mina
Posted by: riasatkhan

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-03-09 08:53:55 -0800 | arts-culture-news

Around two point five million faithful of Islam offered Eid-ul-Azha in Mina after overnight stay in Muzdalifah to stone Satin-e-Kabir.The Hujjaj performed sacrifices of animals after performing Jamra and then leave for Makkah for Tawafa-e-Ziarat.The faithful will return to Mina...
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Posted by: Zahidhameed

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-02-24 23:22:43 -0800 | arts-culture-news

The annual hajj in Saudi Arabia is entering its final day on Tuesday as about three million Muslim pilgrims are stonning the saton at Jamrat bridge at Mina, east of Mecca. Eager pilgrims who have travelled from across the world...
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Breaking News: Hajj gets underway in Saudi Arabia - Record Number of Muslims Participate
Posted by: Amy_Watts

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2010-12-23 07:35:41 -0800 | arts-culture-news

As many as three million Muslims from over 180 countries have converged on Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage this year. The pilgrims, dressed in white cotton robes, have assembled on Mount Arafat, a symbolic holy site which is...
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Posted by: riasatkhan

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-03-09 08:53:55 -0800 | arts-culture-news

In his Khutba-e-Hajj (Hajj Sermon) from Masjid-e-Nimra at Arafat, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz said Islam renounces violence and terrorism in all its forms and those indulging in such acts are doing injustice to this great religion....
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Breaking News: Grand Mufti delivers Haj Sermon: Islam renounces violence, terrorism (Live coverage)
Posted by: Zahidhameed

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-02-24 23:22:54 -0800 | arts-culture-news

About three million muslims are converged at Maidan-e-Arafat seeking the blessings and forgiveness of Allah. After offering Maghrab and Isha prayers together, the pilgrimswill leave for Muzdalfa where they will spend the night under the open sky. In his Khutba-e-Hajj...
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Breaking News: Sarah Obama off to Hajj
Posted by: roni1985

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-01-17 18:26:53 -0800 | arts-culture-news

US President Barrack Obama’s Grandmother is off to Saudi Arabia to celebrate this year’s Hajj in Medina and Mecca. Mrs. Obama was officially invited to Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz to join the expected 2 million pilgrims...
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Breaking News: World's largest congregation: Annual Haj begins in Saudi Arabia
Posted by: Zahidhameed

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-11-02 04:49:02 -0700 | arts-culture-news

The Hajj rituals have begun as in the first leg of their five day journey, about three million Muslims have converged in the tent city of Mina from Mecca. They will spend a day in contemplation there before moving to...
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Breaking News: Annual Haj begins on Sunday, 3 million Muslims in Mecca
Posted by: Zahidhameed

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-02-24 23:23:11 -0800 | arts-culture-news

About 3 million Muslims are in Mecca for the annual Haj (Pilgrimage) beginning on Sunday and strict security arrangements have been put in place on the occasion with new facilities to ease the fatal congestion. On the first leg of...
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Breaking News: Millions throng to Saudi Arabia for annual Pilgrimage
Posted by: Zahidhameed

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-02-24 23:23:36 -0800 | arts-culture-news

Millions of Muslims from across the world are gathering in Saudi Arabia to perform annual Haj (Pilgrimage) beginning from next Sunday. The Saudi government has made elaborate arrangements including the security to facilitate the pilgrims in the holy sites of...
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Breaking News: Saudi Arabia Opens Zamzam Water Project
Posted by: Putu Karya

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-04-18 00:56:37 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Saudi Arabia inaugurates Zamzam water projects worth millions of dollars to ensure cleanliness and distribution of wells in Mecca. Zamzam water from ancient wells will be stored in a special vat, and then pumped into the Grand Mosque in Islam's...
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Breaking News: A Great Day in the Muslim World
Posted by: Nathaniel Hines

Mecca :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2012-07-26 13:31:47 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Saturday, February 27, 2010, marked the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, who brought Islam to the masses of Muslims. Celebrations around the world honored their prophet in a variety of ways. The holy holiday of Mawlid remains an important holiday...
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