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Breaking News: Russia: Bomb police headquarters, 2 dead, 12 injured.
Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-09-27 05:18:51 -0700 | disasters-news

On 23/9. Sources from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Republic of Dagestan, said a suicide bomber element detonated bomb planted in a car parked near a police headquarters in the town Khuchni, causing at least two deaths...
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Breaking News: 'Black widow' suicide bomber blows self up, injures 18 in Dagestan
Posted by: Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-05-30 13:22:16 -0700 | disasters-news

A "black widow" suicide bomber, Madina Alieva, 25, blew herself up and injured 18 others in the southern Russian region of Dagestan Saturday. Russians refer to such women as “black widows” because their spouses were killed by security forces. Alieva...
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Breaking News: 'Black widow' suicide bomber blows herself up in Dagestan
Posted by: prabirghose

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-05-28 15:06:32 -0700 | odd-news

A female suicide bomber known a 'black widow' blew herself up near a police station in Dagestan injuring at least a dozen in nearby to the spot of attack. As per reports, at least 11 people, including five policemen, were...
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Breaking News: Boston Bomber Mom says "I'm No Terrorist--Just Religious"
Posted by: fibonnaci

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-05-02 16:59:07 -0700 | spirituality-religion-news

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, Mother Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects, Says She's Just Someone Who Found Deeper Spirituality BOSTON —In photographs of her as a more youthful lady, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva wears a level trim dress and has her hair teased like a...
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Posted by: fibonnaci

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-04-27 16:22:11 -0700 | disasters-news

Several times to Russia tipped FBI Tamerlan Tsarnajev, the elder of the two brothers suspected of having been behind the bombings during the Boston Marathon. Not just once, previously known but repeatedly and over a long period to the Russian...
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Breaking News: Caucasus rebels deny involvement in  bombings of Boston
Posted by: Fury60

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-04-28 11:02:22 -0700 | political-news

North Caucasus rebels denied on Sunday any involvement of bombing in the Boston Marathon after it became clear that the main suspects in the two brothers Athdran the bombings of the Chechen Republic, a small town in the Caucasus. In...
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Breaking News: A suicide bomber blew up three policemen in Dagestan
Posted by: rsa76

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-02-15 18:47:26 -0800 | disasters-news

In Dagestan Khasavyurt three traffic police officers were killed in an explosion at a police post. The press service of the Interior Ministry of the Republic. The explosion occurred on the night of February 14 at a police post on...
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Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2013-02-26 12:54:09 -0800 | causes-news

RIA-Novosti on 9/9 led some police sources said at least four people killed in combat helicopters Mi-35 crashed into the mountains of Dagestan. Russia's Defense Ministry said the helicopter above was not shot and bad weather was the cause of...
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Breaking News: Has discovered perpetrators whereabouts double bombing in Dagestan.
Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2012-07-27 04:17:34 -0700 | disasters-news

According to Interior Minister of Dagestan Republic of Russia, Magomed Magomedov said, police have detected traces those who organized and implemented twin bombings, which occurred early morning 4/5 (now Vietnam ) in the country's capital, Makhachkala. Magomedov Minister said: "We...
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Posted by: Vicky247

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2012-07-20 20:40:43 -0700 | political-news

"Ethnic differences and the religious fanaticism plunged this Russian Republic into a war without quarter. Bombings, shootings, torture and disappearances daily exceed amount to neighbouring Chechnya." The levels of violence are comparable with those of some Central American countries in...
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Breaking News: RUSSIA: 3rd Railroad Explosion of Weekend in Dagestan
Posted by: myscottishfitba

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2012-04-12 16:03:04 -0700 | travel-news

A bomb detonated under a freight train in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, no one was killed or injured, police reported. The explosion, the third on Dagestan's railroad over the weekend, occurred on Sunday and was equal to...
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Breaking News: Second car bombing in Khasavyurt in 2 weeks..
Posted by: Ali Qureshi

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2012-11-02 05:11:34 -0700 | your-story

Four persons killed and Six others injured when a car exploded in Dagestan. As per details that a car bomb exploded in a car in front of a cafe in Russia's southern republic of the city of Khasavyurt which resulted...
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Breaking News: Suicide Bomb attacks in Dagestan - Russia
Posted by: Arun77

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2011-12-21 08:56:21 -0800 | disasters-news

12 people die in the suicide atack in Russia's Caucasus region Dagestan right after the bombings on Moscow's metro. A car bomb was detonated at about 8.30 in the morning outside the offices of the local interior ministry and the...
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Breaking News: Quranic Vereses Appear on the Body of 9 Month Old Baby Boy
Posted by: picez

Dagestanskiye Ogni :: Russia | updated 2012-04-13 13:08:04 -0700 | allnews

Qur'anic verses have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali from the Russian Republic of Dagestan. Since his birth, birthmarks in the form of Arabic script have been appearing on Ali's body. First, there were...
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