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Breaking News: Arctic Ocean acidity on the rise, according to new research
Posted by: arkar

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2013-05-24 05:14:55 -0700 | green-news

The melting of the polar ice caps has increasingly alarmed scientists, with the prospects of rising sea levels potentially being disastrous to the world. The main culprit in this regard, greenhouse gas emissions, has been on the environmental hit list...
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Breaking News: Arctic ice melting at an alarming rate according to new research
Posted by: arkar

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2012-11-02 20:20:28 -0700 | green-news

It was reported recently by the US space agency, NASA that the Arctic’s sea ice had been reduced to its lowest in recorded history and it seems that the northern most continent is not faring as well either as new...
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Breaking News: 20 Tons Of Fish Kill Discovered In Norway Coast
Posted by: nielica_01

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2012-04-18 17:41:18 -0700 | green-news

Jan-Petter Jorgensen, 44, while walking with his dog Molly in Norwegian beach discovered an estimated of twenty tons of dead herring in the shore. Jorgensen said "People say that something similar happened in the 80s,"Officials are still trying to check...
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Source: Los Angeles Times

Derry :: NH :: USA | updated 2011-12-01 05:45:12 -0800 | political-news

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry may have backed down on tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, but he's doubling down on his skepticism of climate-change science. At a New Hampshire town-hall style meeting, his first of the campaign, the Texas governor...
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Source: BBC

Belfast :: United Kingdom | updated 2011-11-20 21:11:50 -0800 | health-news

Italian sparrow joins family as a new species Science reporter, BBC Nature The Italian sparrow is a cross between the house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow Scientists in Norway say they have conclusive genetic evidence that sparrows recently evolved a...
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Source: PRWeb

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2013-02-27 11:02:48 -0800 | political-news

Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh), Igor Ivanov (Russia), Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah (Jordan), Timothy E. Wirth (US), Hisashi Owada (Japan), Kofi Annan (Ghana), Andrew Young (U.S.). The board meeting in Norway includes discussions on ways to help new partners connect...
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Breaking News: Control soot to avoid global warming and save the Arctic
Posted by: prabirghose

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2012-07-28 03:25:57 -0700 | green-news

Scientists are zooming in on the Arctic in the hope of coming across soot – no, soot is not another difficult-to-locate Yeti-type of animal but the common residue of burning any coal based product like coal itself or wood or...
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Source: KSAZ

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2011-06-09 18:44:32 -0700 | political-news

Norwegian oil and gas major Statoil said Saturday that it evacuated all non-emergency personnel at its Visund platform in the Norwegian North Sea and dispatched a submarine and boat to identify the source of the gas leak. The company said...
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Source: Macleans

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2011-04-25 05:49:42 -0700 | political-news

Rescuers say a Norwegian sailboat with three people on board has gone missing in a storm off Antarctica. Oeyvind Aadde of the Norwegian Maritime Rescue Service says there were two Norwegians and one British national on the "Berserk," which signalled...
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Source: Xtra News

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2011-04-24 14:44:11 -0700 | political-news

A helicopter search began soon after first light today for a Norwegian yacht, missing with three people on board in the Ross Sea, Antarctic. Wellington, could not get to the search area for nearly 12 hours. If found no trace...
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Source: South Bend Tribune

Elkhart :: IN :: USA | updated 2011-02-16 17:08:25 -0800 | business-news

The company says this is the first step in bringing hundreds of jobs to the struggling region...On Wednesday, the first 15 fully-electric cars left the facility. But company officials say this is just the beginning of what they hope will...
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Source: Daily News & Analysis

Sunrise :: FL :: USA | updated 2011-01-01 22:58:02 -0800 | technology-news

A team of Indian scientists are all set to explore the icy depths of the Antarctic region looking for clues of climate change as part of the first such mission to the South Pole. An eight-member team of scientists and...
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Source: BBC

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2010-11-15 20:14:09 -0800 | political-news

That equates to 39bn barrels of oil or 6.6 trillion cubic meters of gas, though some industry observers say this is too optimistic while others insisting the reserves could be at least twice as large. Either way, getting to the...
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Source: Daily News & Analysis

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2010-11-14 15:56:07 -0800 | technology-news

Climate change is exposing reindeer hunting gear used by the Vikings' ancestors faster than archaeologists can collect it from ice thawing in northern Europe's highest mountains. "It's like a time machine...the ice has not been this small for many, many...
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Source: Chicago Tribune

Oslo :: Norway | updated 2010-10-19 03:31:46 -0700 | travel-news

Afghanistan and nations in sub-Saharan Africa are most at risk from shocks to food supplies such as droughts or floods while Nordic countries are least vulnerable, according to an index released on Thursday. "Of 50 nations most at risk, 36...
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