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Breaking News: Leader of Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas arrested
Posted by: Dava Castillo

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-07-21 04:30:40 -0700 | disasters-news

The Mexican drug cartel “Los Zetas” leader has been captured in a raid at his home. Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, known as “Z-40” was arrested in his hometown of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The town is also the drug gang’s headquarters....
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Posted by: dewegy

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2014-01-11 17:35:36 -0800 | disasters-news

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, leader of the brutal Zetas drug cartel has been arrested in a raid by Mexican naval special forces on Monday, July 15 in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, north Mexico and south of the U.S....
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Breaking News:  Cartel Drug King Morales Nabbed by Marines
Posted by: fibonnaci

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-07-21 04:33:12 -0700 | disasters-news

The BBC's Will Grant reports on a face that has haunted MexicoContinue reading the main storyRelated Stories Q&A: Mexico's drug-related violence The fall of drug lord Lazcano Gang split raises bloodshed fears Mexican marines have captured one of the world's...
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Breaking News: Mexico's Zetas drug cartel leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales caught in a raid
Posted by: mohsinarif

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-07-27 16:10:46 -0700 | disasters-news

U.S Official’s announced that 40 years old infamous and cruel leader of fear Zetas drug cartel "Miguel Angel Trevino Morales" has been captured in a dawn raid. The news was marked as the biggest blast against the crime leader by...
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Breaking News: Zetas Drug Cartel Leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales Captured In Mexico
Posted by: GreatReporter

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-07-21 04:40:52 -0700 | humanitarian-news

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales who is the leader of Zetas drug and known by Zeta-40 captured near US border outside 27km(17 miles) south-west of Nuevo Laredo was riding in the truck which was full of weapons and $2M in cash.Trevino...
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Breaking News: Mexican authorities capture Zetas drug cartel leader
Posted by: Kamran Ahmed

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-07-19 08:29:20 -0700 | disasters-news

Mexican authorities said on Monday they arrested the notoriously violent leader of the Zetas drug cartel, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, in an early-morning raid on Monday. The capture symbolizes the biggest achievement for the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto...
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Posted by: rsa76

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-11-10 20:00:55 -0800 | disasters-news

A Mexican American marine was kidnapped in May with his father and other relatives in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (northeast) on Thursday told AFP an official of the state attorney. "We received the request of the FBI and yes,...
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Posted by: rsa76

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2013-02-08 16:56:03 -0800 | disasters-news

The police of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon arrested suspect in the murder of musicians Kombo Kolombia, occurring last January, according to local prosecutors. Total killed 17 musicians. They were abducted by unidentified gunmen during a private concert in...
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Breaking News: 23 dead bodies turn up in Mexico – 14 of these are headless
Posted by: prabirghose

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-07-28 01:41:11 -0700 | humanitarian-news

Yet another example of drug land violence has been reported from the town of Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican border – 23 deaths in a single day. This has been reported in the Telegraph dated 4th of May 2012. Out...
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Posted by: JeniferLamug

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-05-08 11:24:31 -0700 | disasters-news

Report by JENIFERLAMUG Yesterday’s violence in northeast Mexico border city of Nuevo Laredo was probably one of the most gruesome killings in the country’s history, where nine dead bodies believed to be tortured to death were discovered hanging on a...
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Breaking News: 14 dismembered bodies found in Mexico near US border
Posted by: prabirghose

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-07-28 01:45:05 -0700 | odd-news

The authorities in Mexico have discovered 14 dismembered bodies of 14 youths in their 30s from a minivan in Nuevo Laredo, a border town just across Laredo, Texas as reported in herald sun dated 18th April 2012. The bodies had...
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Posted by: kingston23

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-04-17 09:14:50 -0700 | disasters-news

Mexican army soldiers were released to 21 American citizens who were allegedly kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, U.S. border city. The National Defense Secretariat said in a statement on Friday, military elements Solidarity swept the neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo and...
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Posted by: kingston23

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-04-17 09:20:28 -0700 | disasters-news

A man who allegedly denounced the posters on social networks was found beheaded in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, more than a month after the murder of a journalist for the same...
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Posted by: saadkhan

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-04-07 10:04:17 -0700 | causes-news

These acts of violence highlight the "growing insecurity in general" and "exceptional particular vulnerability" of the press in Mexico, said in a press conference OHCHR spokesperson Rupert Colville.Last Saturday, the maimed and decapitated body of Mary Elizabeth Macias, 39, managing...
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Posted by: saadkhan

Nuevo Laredo :: Mexico | updated 2012-04-07 11:32:22 -0700 | odd-news

The Attorney General of the State of Tamaulipas, which borders the United States, said in a brief statement that the dead body of Mary Elizabeth Macias was found yesterday in a neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo.The dismembered body was found at...
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