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Breaking News: NATO damaged buildings on site Gaddafi in Tripoli
Posted by: ZohaibAnwer

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 10:46:37 -0700 | technology-news

London / Tripoli - NATO has taken in night attacks on Tripoli in the building of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi used area. As the BBC in the early morning, citing government officials and eyewitnesses reported that several buildings were severely damaged.There...
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Breaking News: Qaddafi attack Misrata, 6 People Killed
Posted by: rickyatmaja

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-06-30 23:39:18 -0700 | technology-news

Tunis, - troops bombarded the city Misrata Moammar Qaddafi, Sunday (4/17/2011), for four days in a row. A rebel spokesman, Abdel Basset Mezerik, told Al-Jazeera television that at least six people were killed and 47 people injured on the morning...
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Breaking News: United states refuses to re-deploy its warplaness in Libya
Posted by: safdarjaved

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 05:40:17 -0700 | technology-news

The United States has refused to re-deploy its warplanes to the frontline in Libya even as NATO vowed to keep bombing Moamer Kadhafi's forces. Washington pulled back around fifty combat planes from Libyan operations last week after handing over control...
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Source: International Business Times

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-06-06 20:27:01 -0700 | business-news

Intelligent Investor Subscribe to The Intelligent Investor to get the day's most relevant news, data and anlaysis . Sample First the evolving situation in Libya along with the potential contagion of the democracy movement spreading to the rest of North...
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Breaking News: Loses Domain Name As A Result Of The War In Libya
Posted by: bulgars004

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 05:37:08 -0700 | technology-news

There’s been a question as to what happens to .ly domains (i.e. the ones used by, and others) if these domain names are suddenly taken away by the Libyan government. As we wrote last Fall, was seized...
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Breaking News: EU: No Succession in Libya, Gaddafi's Sons Must Go with Him
Source: Novinite

Benghazi :: Libya | updated 2011-06-07 11:17:44 -0700 | travel-news

The Gaddafi regime, that is people in the regime and as far as I know, his sons are in the regime," declared Monday in Brussels Michael Mann, a spokesperson for EU Foreign Policy head Catherine Ashton as cited by DPA....
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Source: Washington Post

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-06-02 04:32:33 -0700 | political-news

Some say $100 million a day, others say $8 billion a week, and still others predict a significant market correction as investors wonder whether the shutdown might provoke a debt crisis. There is real money at risk for sure, but...
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Source: Financial Times

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-05-30 11:29:01 -0700 | travel-news

Perched on the edge of the Sahara south of Tripoli, the installation was smoothly pumping about 300,000 barrels a day of high-quality crude down an 800km pipeline to the Mediterranean coast until a few weeks ago. Operated by Repsol YPF...
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Source: International Business Times

Benghazi :: Libya | updated 2011-06-01 20:14:30 -0700 | travel-news

EDT Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil The Benghazi-based Libyan rebels who seek to oust Moammar Gaddafi have gained global fame. Already, France and Qatar have officially recognized them as the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people.
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Breaking News: This doctor had to do to make over Gaddafi's face.
Posted by: Putu Karya

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-04-18 00:24:58 -0700 | technology-news

At the age of 68 years, Muammar Gaddafi still appeared full of spirit despite his face looked very tired. Libyan leader could be stressful because his power was shaken by the insurgents and Coalition forces, led the United States.However, according...
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Source: Fox

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-06-03 20:55:53 -0700 | travel-news

Libya   Rebel forces on Monday fought their way to the doorstep of Muammar Qaddafi's hometown of Sirte, a key government stronghold guarding the road to the capital Tripoli. The lightning rebel advance of the past few days, backed by...
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Posted by: amnan

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-02-07 17:25:25 -0800 | technology-news

Latest News: Osprey: Osprey Marine Corps 26th MEU in Libya 15 F - used in pilot rescue mission pilot plant can only involved a naval campaign is not good: AP reports the plane was an error and is practical and...
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Source: International Business Times

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2011-05-22 18:35:53 -0700 | business-news

A return to risk overnight doesn't seem to have undermined gold prices in the early Tuesday trade. In fact, certain Asian equity prices have returned to pre-quake levels and that in turn has tamped down deflationary concerns and apparently provided...
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