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Posted by: MichelleDevlin

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-07-26 22:26:02 -0700 | causes-news

Fears run high inside the Tripoli prisons, where thousands have been imprisoned without justice or recourse since the Gaddafi regime's harsh crackdowns against peaceful protesters began Feb 17. Twitter reports have been sharing stories of prisoners being injected with an...
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Posted by: dewegy

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 15:50:36 -0700 | causes-news

The rebels in Libya on Friday seemed prepared to face again the forces of leader Muammar Gaddafi, days to achieve significant progress on two fronts on the way to Tripoli. A challenging Gaddafi brought together tens of thousands of supporters...
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Posted by: ................ Darlene

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 20:16:21 -0700 | causes-news

France defends its decision to parachute weapons to insurgents Libyan, an operation that Nato was not involved and that is controversial, Moscow has denounced Thursday a violation of the embargo arms imposed in February by the United Nations. Paris acknowledged...
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Breaking News: Scenes From Tripoli
Posted by: shahid25

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-02-09 16:19:47 -0800 | causes-news

Entering Libya from Tunisia, the roughly 115 mile drive to Tripoli currently provides a fascinating if unsettling introduction to the current situation in Tripoli. By the time I arrived at the hotel my mouth tasted as if I had sipped...
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Posted by: nepamilan

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-04-10 12:00:18 -0700 | causes-news

On Friday, a Libyan government said that NATO aircraft targeted the warships ofMoammar Gadhafi's vessels in the seaport at Tripoli. It has also been said thatthe targeted vessels were commercial as well as some of them belongs tomilitary forces.The deputy...
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Posted by: nepamilan

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-04-10 06:51:49 -0700 | causes-news

According to government of Libya, on Thursday, four rocketsfelled on the compound that belongs to Gadhafi.The sound of the blast was heard at the center of Tripoli andthe two emergency vehicles was moving towards the Bab al-Aziziyacompound. But it is...
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Posted by: nepamilan

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-04-10 06:52:54 -0700 | causes-news

On Tuesday another airstrike of NATO shaked the Tripoli afterthe secretary-general of alliance dismissed the complain regardingthe allied campaign against the Gadhafi.Nearly three rounds of expolsion was heard one after another inthe interval of three hours on late Monday and...
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Breaking News: Ship carrying 600 people sinks off Libya: witnesses
Posted by: Surya Gaire

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-07-25 16:37:29 -0700 | causes-news

A ship carrying up to 600 migrants trying to flee Libya has sunk just off the coast of the North African country, the U.N. refugee agency said on the basis of witness. Laura Boldrini, UNHCR spokeswoman said that aid officials...
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Breaking News: Libya: Gaddafi Saif Al Arab was buried
Posted by: abrar83

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-11-02 10:50:52 -0700 | causes-news

Tripoli: Libyan government has announced that the funeral Gaddafi Saif Al Arab, the son of leader this country has been held in Tripoli. Colonel Gaddafi in the event that a few thousand people participated in it and chanted slogans against...
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Posted by: nepamilan

Tripoli :: Libya | updated 2012-04-10 06:57:12 -0700 | causes-news

On Sunday, the government of Libya said that in the airstrike ofNATO the son of Moammar Gadhafi's including his three grandchildrendied but his wife survived.When Gadhafi was targeted he along with his were in his son's house.Gadhafi and his wife...
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Posted by: nepamilan

Mişrātah :: Libya | updated 2012-04-10 06:58:17 -0700 | causes-news

The Libyan government attacked the civil areas of Misrata on Mondaywhich results the death of many civilians.One of the civilian citizen said that 10 people has been killed and30 others are wounded but still it is not conform.A doctor said...
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