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Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-03-06 00:40:58 -0800 | odd-news

Japanese Misao Okawa - the elderly man on the planet. March 5, 2014, she meets her 116 birthday. She was born in 1898 in a family of shopkeepers kimono. Throughout life, Okawa never had serious health problems. She had three...
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Breaking News: Super Typhoon Neoguri're going to Japan.
Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Okinawa :: Japan | updated 2014-07-10 02:46:33 -0700 | odd-news

According to the Japan Meteorological Forecasting (JMA). Today 7/7, super typhoon Neoguri has swept through the island of Okinawa in the south and will be landed and westernmost island of Kyushu in Japan. Super Typhoon has now caused high winds...
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Breaking News: Migrate to Iceland or Japan if you want to lead a long life
Posted by: prabirghose

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-05-19 03:40:05 -0700 | odd-news

Life expectancy all across the world is on the rise and Iceland and Japan are boasting of the oldest citizens. Hence, if you want a long life, you should consider migrating to these countries. The latest trend worldwide is that...
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Breaking News: Typhoon Neoguri presses on the Japanese mainland
Posted by: Jonalyn26

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-07-12 00:46:38 -0700 | odd-news

Typhoon Neoguri to catch on the Mainland Japanese today after slamming into the southern Okinawa island chain, killing two people and leaving a trail of damage. Packing gusts of up to 180 kilometers per hour, the Typhoon may hit the...
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Breaking News: A tsunami of 40 centimeters comes northeastern Japan by the earthquake in Chile
Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-04-03 09:55:03 -0700 | odd-news

Ports of northeastern Japan tsunamis have been recorded up to 40 inches by the earthquake of 8.2 on the Richter scale that struck Chile on the eve, but yet has reported considerable damage reported Meteorological Agency today. Reuters The agency...
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Breaking News: Shoko Maru, the 998-tonne Japanese oil tanker, explodes near Himeji port
Posted by: prabirghose

Himeji :: Japan | updated 2014-06-02 10:21:11 -0700 | odd-news

Shoko Maru, the 998-tonne oil tanker which was based in the western city of Hiroshima, exploded near Himeji port - one of the eight people aboard the ship is missing while four others have been seriously injured. The fire gutted...
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Breaking News: Retrial for oldest death row in Japan
Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-03-28 18:37:01 -0700 | odd-news

Tokyo - The court of Shizuoka (Japan Southeast) on Thursday decided to retry the case considered the oldest man sentenced to death in the world, convicted of multiple murders in 1966. AFP Doubts arose in the judiciary about the guilt...
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Breaking News: Japan protests North Korea's ballistic missile test
Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-07-30 11:35:11 -0700 | odd-news

Japan had July 27 formal protest to Pyongyang to conduct the recent experience of the short-range ballistic missile on Saturday in the eastern coast of North Korea. North Korea fired medium-range missiles from the eastern coasts He said Japanese Prime...
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Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-03-06 22:21:47 -0800 | odd-news

A bank specializing in bitcoines closed after hackers perpetrate a robbery. Hackers stole 896 bitcoines of Flexcoin, reported the Associated Press . That translates into a loss of about $ 600,000. Bank closure Flexcoin comes a week after the fall...
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Breaking News: Japan: release of a new collection of short stories by Haruki Murakami
Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-04-18 05:36:08 -0700 | odd-news

A new collection of short stories of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami was released in Japan on Friday, enjoying a first printing of 300,000 copies. This is the first book of its kind in nine years for this author, who creates...
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Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-02-17 05:16:00 -0800 | odd-news

YouTube video touching story that occurred in Japanese zoo. The female penguin named Sakura fell in love with the zoo worker who cares for her. Bird on a step does not depart from the man. As the " Mobile reporter...
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Breaking News: VIRAL: The "happy side" of the people of Fukushima
Posted by: rsa76

Fukushima :: Japan | updated 2014-06-21 01:19:25 -0700 | odd-news

A video clip shows where people of Fukushima dancing to vindicate "happy side" of the Japanese region hit by the nuclear accident in 2011, has become a phenomenon in social networks in Japan. The video shows students, Buddhist monks, cooks...
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Breaking News: Japan City evacuates 90000 as Typhoon is approaching Kyushu
Posted by: hassan26

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-07-12 00:08:02 -0700 | odd-news

Typhoon Neoguri has weakened to a tropical storm as it moved toward the southern main island of Kyushu after Japan prompted the evacuation of nearly 90 thousand people against the threat of floods and landslides. Neoguri was about 230 kilometers...
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Breaking News: 100 meter record set on hands and feet
Posted by: sanaali95

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-06-02 10:48:38 -0700 | odd-news

A Japanese man who works on his hands and legs has broken his own Guinness world record for the 100 metres sprint. Kenichi Ito finished at 16.87 seconds, shaving more than half a second with its 2012 mileage 17.47 seconds....
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Posted by: rsa76

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2014-06-02 11:57:40 -0700 | odd-news

Three Chinese ships entered the waters off the Senkaku (Diaoyu to China) islands governed by Tokyo but claimed by Beijing, the average Japanese NHK reported citing the coast guard. The boats were patrolling the area around the islands since last...
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