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Breaking News: Japan Learned Nothing from its WWII Defeat (Asahi Shimbun, Japan)
Posted by: WorldmeetsUS

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2011-12-01 12:59:15 -0800 | political-news

While Germany is regarded as an axis power that has really confronted its behavior and activities during World War II, Japan is not. That is what makes this editorial from Japan’s Asahi Shimbun so eye-opening. According to Asahi, Japan’s failure...
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Posted by: rsa76

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-03-12 13:51:31 -0700 | odd-news

A new public opinion questionnaires show support for the government of Japan has fallen to its lowest level since Prime Minister Naoto Kan came to power two years ago.Results of a survey released Tuesday by the newspaper Asahi and NHK...
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Breaking News: Of the Tenno in the emergency shelter
Posted by: nabeela2001

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-03-08 13:12:31 -0800 | political-news

For the first time since the tsunami over a month ago, the Japanese emperor has visited the disaster area on the coast. In the town of Asahi, about 90 miles from Tokyo, Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko visited with two emergency...
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Breaking News: Asahi art exhibition opens at the Commune
Posted by: anonymous

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 01:21:48 -0700 | entertainment-news

The Asahi art exhibition at the Commune Artists Colony opened on Saturday April 9. The exhibition is being held to collect funds for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The word “Asahi”, means “rising sun” in Japanese. The opening day...
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Breaking News: Japan: Half of tsunami victims were over 65 years
Posted by: faraway

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 01:21:14 -0700 | odd-news

More than half of the giant tsunami that struck on March 11 on the north-eastern Japan were aged at least 65 years, the Asahi newspaper reported Sunday, based on preliminary statistics from the police. Investigators were able to verify the...
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Breaking News: Japan Tsunami Dolphin rescued 12 days in the rice paddy
Posted by: richwebnews

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 01:15:20 -0700 | disasters-news

The catastropic Japan earthquake that triggers a massive tsunami wave left the world heartbroken. What's adding more weight are the pictures of the animals, cats, dogs and even dolphins, abandoned after the horrific wreckage. The latest rescue baby dolphin by...
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Posted by: nisarhussain18

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 01:15:15 -0700 | disasters-news

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan has displaced innumerable humans and animals alike. One of those animals was a baby porpoise who ended up in a rice paddy about a mile from the coast was rescued today and...
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Posted by: Huma Younus

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 00:59:12 -0700 | business-news

SMALL PARCEL [PAC] SERVICE Easy and speedy your shipment transportation to all over the world. We provide quick,safe and reliable door-to-door transportation of various shipment, such as product samples or mass volume large-sized merchandise. DOCUMENT [ECHO] SERVICE This service is...
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Breaking News: Japan urges Nuclear Ban Review
Posted by: Putu Karya

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2012-11-02 00:46:28 -0700 | political-news

Japan's old policy did not allow the existence of nuclear weapons in that country should be reviewed. Asahi Daily, Tuesday (27/07/2010), preach, a report containing urging reconsideration of the policy will be submitted to the Prime Minister Naoto Kan.Japan, the...
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Source: CNN

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-06-16 04:16:43 -0700 | political-news

If you'd like beer with your dinner, we have Asahi or Kirin," says Reverend Seioh Yamashina. Given that I'm sitting on a floor cushion about to stab my chopsticks into a tray of beautiful shojin ryori (vegan Buddhist cuisine) served...
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Source: Scoop

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-06-05 21:54:41 -0700 | business-news

Independent Liquor (NZ), whose Japanese owner Asahi is locked in a court battle over the $1.5 billion price tag it paid for the booze empire, narrowed its loss in 2013, while writing down the value of the business even further,...
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Source: Zee News

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-06-05 09:15:41 -0700 | political-news

Japan, the only country among the G7 nations that does not prohibit possession of child pornography, has taken an important step towards making it illegal although the law does not include comics, animated drawings or digital simulations.
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Source: Zee News

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-06-03 09:58:59 -0700 | political-news

The Japanese government is planning to amend labour laws to allow the limit of 40 working hours per week to be exceeded in certain professions without overtime pay. This has sparked off a strong reaction from the country's labour unions....
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Source: Japan Times

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-06-14 07:49:11 -0700 | allnews

The government needs to pull the plug on the planned new Olympic stadium designed by the celebrity British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Time is running out as wrecking balls are set to raze the iconic National Olympic Stadium this summer unless...
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Source: Japan Times

Asahi :: Japan | updated 2014-07-03 05:27:15 -0700 | political-news

Japanese brewers will release a record lineup of canned cocktails this summer as fizzy concoctions come to the fore in efforts to offset a decade of declining beer sales...Ltd. have long tried to retain drinkers by making cheaper beerlike beverages....
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