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Source: AKI

Fermo :: Italy | updated 2012-01-19 18:21:56 -0800 | travel-news

Storms battered central and southern Italy overnight, killing at least four people, prompting the central Marche region to declare a state of emergency. At least three people drowned in flooding while a fourth person died when a mudslide hit his...
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Source: AKI

Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-05-02 15:53:00 -0700 | business-news

Enel Italy's biggest energy company, started operating the country's first plant for capturing carbon dioxide emissions and storing them underground in a pilot project intended to make the technology viable. Enel won 100 million euros in European Union funding for...
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Source: Asian Wall Street Journal

Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-04-24 08:14:16 -0700 | business-news

Industry Minister Paolo Romani repeated Wednesday that the country isn't in danger of running out of natural gas, despite the shut down of Libyan imports. He added that the country is looking at fully utilizing the import capacity of other...
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Posted by: Adrian Holman

Rome :: Italy | updated 2012-11-02 05:07:46 -0700 | green-news

With the new version of the START Treaty between the United States and Russia to go into effect after the Russian Parliament ratifies it in a couple of months, many wonder how the nuclear waste will be dealt with and...
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Breaking News: More Than 700 Turtle Doves Found Dead
Posted by: maisymoo90

Faenza :: Italy | updated 2011-05-24 13:40:29 -0700 | green-news

Scientist have been carrying out tests to find out the reason for the death of over 700 Turtle Doves since January 1st, in the city of Faenza, Italy. The conclusion so far has been that the Turtle Doves, who are...
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Posted by: benjiross

Rome :: Italy | updated 2012-03-17 15:10:05 -0700 | green-news

In an attempt to improve the environment, Italy has banned the use of plastic bags in shops and supermarkets. Stefania Prestigiacomo, the environment minister, has said there is no going back on the government's decision: "Sustainability is made of little...
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Breaking News: Italy Bans Plastic Bags
Posted by: zorgkk

Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-11-10 14:04:32 -0800 | green-news

Effective January 1, 2011, shopkeepers will be banned from handing out plastic bags. The exception is that shops will be able to use to their existing stock without penalties. "It is a great innovation," Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo said of...
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Breaking News: Italian New Year’s Resolution: No More Plastic Bags
Posted by: Ljubica Vujadinovic

Rome :: Italy | updated 2012-11-02 19:42:11 -0700 | green-news

Not only people make the New Year’s resolutions, states can do it as well. The Italian one for 2011 says: no more plastic bags! As a nation-wide ban for plastic bags comes into force on January 1, shops preparing for...
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Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-03-04 08:59:21 -0800 | political-news

Italy is set to ban plastic bags from shops and supermarkets across the country on January 1 as shoppers eager for the New Year's sales prepare to swap to biodegradable, fabric or paper bags. Italians are among the top consumers...
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Source: AKI

Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-02-07 15:48:14 -0800 | political-news

Millions of Italians lives are at risk because of shabby construction that ignores building codes, with structures erected in the path of potential landslides and floods, according to Italy's largest environmental group, Legambiente. Over 6, 000 municipalities with 3.5 million...
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Source: AKI

Turin :: Italy | updated 2011-02-15 16:36:31 -0800 | business-news

Turin, 2 Dec. (AKI/Bloomberg) -As Sergio Marchionne brings back Fiat to the US after nearly three decades, he may add another Italian speciality: the natural gas engine. Marchionne, who is chief executive officer of Fiat and Chrysler says natural gas...
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Posted by: Elnur763

Rome :: Italy | updated 2012-07-22 03:23:23 -0700 | green-news

An international fishing regulatory group has banned the hunting of seven species of endangered sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, but only marginally trimmed the fishing quota for bluefin tuna. In Paris, the 48-nation International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic...
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Source: News 24

Rome :: Italy | updated 2011-02-03 14:24:22 -0800 | political-news

Italy's constitutional court has struck down a bid by three regions to ban new nuclear power plants amid strong public opposition to the return of nuclear energy, Ansa reported on Saturday. Basilicata, Campania and Puglia - banning plants from their...
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Posted by: prabirghose

Venice :: Italy | updated 2012-07-27 20:36:18 -0700 | green-news

Bottled mineral water leaves in its wake a huge mass of waste in the form of empty bottles. These clutter the streets and waste bins and the garbage disposal units have to toil on a continuous basis to remove these...
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