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Breaking News: Bus plunges into ravine in Italy - 36 reported dead
Posted by: prabirghose

Naples :: Italy | updated 2013-07-31 08:25:47 -0700 | travel-news

It was a tragic end to the pilgrimage party when 36 out of the of 40 passengers died when their bus came off a flyover and hurtled 30-meters down a ravine near Avellino, a town in the southern Campania region...
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Breaking News: Juliana Buhring becomes first woman to cycle round the world solo
Posted by: prabirghose

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-12-26 11:19:57 -0800 | travel-news

It was proof of girl power at its best Friday when 32-year-old Juliana Buhring became the first woman to cycle more than 18,000 miles around the world – solo. She has proved that where there is a will, there is...
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Source: The Guardian

Brussels :: Belgium | updated 2012-05-29 19:17:02 -0700 | political-news

Italian coastguards help a refugee out of a boat on arrival at the Italian island of Lampedusa. Photograph: Roberto Salomone/AFP/Getty Images The European rapporteur charged with investigating the case of 63 African migrants who were "left to die" in the...
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Source: Washington Post

Naples :: Italy | updated 2011-12-08 02:31:02 -0800 | political-news

Italy One of the U.S. government's worst-kept secrets is the CIA's program to hunt and kill suspected terrorists with armed drones ...The agency, however, refuses to publicly acknowledge the covert program, a fig leaf that has obscured the CIA's operations...
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Posted by: Rodolfo Buccico

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-07-26 23:31:25 -0700 | travel-news

I love to wander through bazaars and markets looking for local handicrafts when traveling. I use different negotiating styles with different vendors, rickshaw drivers, or cabbies, and in different situations. Some travelers find bargaining humiliating while others revel in it....
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Breaking News: Family Resorts in the world
Posted by: Rodolfo Buccico

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-11-02 12:52:00 -0700 | travel-news

Walt Disney World Resorts. Even though I harbor a bit of an allergy to pixie dust, I must admit that Disney knows how to do family travel. And they do it well. Whether you are staying at a Disney branded...
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Breaking News: Travel tips for family
Posted by: Rodolfo Buccico

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-07-26 23:31:26 -0700 | travel-news

A friend once said to me, “Oh you won’t travel once you have kids.” I responded with all my bravado, “Of course we will.” Reflecting back now as the mom of three under the age of four, I see the...
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Posted by: Rodolfo Buccico

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-07-27 07:35:20 -0700 | travel-news

How does it draw the line between technology and personal service? There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in tourism and travel. Most of us are now used to booking our airline reservations on line, dealing with...
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Breaking News: 2000 Year Old Wall Falls Down in Rome
Posted by: jenjhen18

Naples :: Italy | updated 2011-12-29 07:52:07 -0800 | travel-news

A part of the 2,000-year-old Roman history site at Pompeii fall on Tuesday. Italian government is receiving messages from critics who say two collapses in a month underscore a need for immediate action. The said site is the wall garden...
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Source: Examiner

Naples :: Italy | updated 2011-01-30 22:13:24 -0800 | political-news

Lawmakers on Tuesday are voting on a contested reform bill many students and professors say will give the private sector too much involvement in the state university system. They claim funding cuts means faculty positions are going unfilled. Similar protests...
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Source: News Press

Naples :: Italy | updated 2011-01-01 16:54:03 -0800 | entertainment-news

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a motorcyclist and his passenger were killed in an early morning crash in Naples. According to the FHP, the crash occurred at 1:51 a.m. this morning on Pine Ridge Road at the intersection of...
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Breaking News: Learn to be good citizens - don't wear miniskirts
Posted by: prabirghose

Naples :: Italy | updated 2012-07-27 20:41:18 -0700 | travel-news

One of the 41 rules that every good citizen of Italy must respect is not to wear miniskirts - offenders could face fines of up to 500 Euros. The city of Castellammare near Naples has formulated 41 such rules -...
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Source: AKI

Naples :: Italy | updated 2010-12-18 14:16:43 -0800 | political-news

The residents also barricaded the road leading Terzignano's existing dump, preventing around 100 trucks from depositing waste at the dump. Residents in the southern city of Naples oppose the construction of a new dump in Terzignano, on the slopes of...
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Source: AKI

Naples :: Italy | updated 2010-12-15 13:07:31 -0800 | political-news

Police arrested a man in the southern Italian city of Naples and warned another after several garbage trucks were torched in the Terzignano suburb. The arrest followed an investigation of the violent clashes in Naples last month between protesting residents...
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Source: Ansa

Berlin :: Germany | updated 2011-01-26 17:41:41 -0800 | political-news

A terrorism alert issued by the United States to its citizens travelling in Europe is "realistic," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said Monday. Frattini recalled that an Algerian national was arrested in Naples last week with a bomb kit and...
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