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Breaking News: Egyptian sphinx found in Israel
Posted by: fibonnaci

Elat :: Israel | updated 2013-07-14 10:47:36 -0700 | arts-culture-news

It is some distance from Cairo in Egypt to northern Israel. The journey would have taken some time today, and the hike was more strenuous several thousand years before the Christian era began. Nevertheless, parts of a sphinx, a statue...
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Breaking News: PHOTOS: 4,000 Years Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Discovered in Israel
Posted by: faraway

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2013-07-10 19:20:12 -0700 | arts-culture-news

A team of researchers in Israel from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered unexpectedly a clawed feet of an ancient Egyptian sphinx in the layer of the archaeological site of Tel Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee, which...
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Posted by: marshalld20

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2013-04-23 05:29:55 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Tel-Aviv, Israel, April 23 2013: The historical ties between Russia and Israel date to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when Russian Jews, involved in the cultural and political arenas, were influential in laying the foundation for the future...
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Posted by: israelseen

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2013-03-01 13:08:21 -0800 | arts-culture-news

In the midst of our technological revolution and fast-paced life it can be fun to take a step back and review Israel’s history. In the pre-State era and the early years of Israel’s existence the security position and economic situation...
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Breaking News: Iran attack would be known over Israel, former Mossad chief
Posted by: Umair Ahmed

Tayibe :: Israel | updated 2012-06-05 21:28:14 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Former head of the Israeli secret agency Mossad warned that an attack on Iran, regional war 'can prove the threat to the security of Israel can be'is the Israeli government will have to avoid dangerous project. According to foreign news...
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Posted by: JeniferLamug

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2012-05-26 06:58:27 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Report by JENIFERLAMUG A ceramic jug, which was unearthed by archaeologists last 2010 was said to have contained a rare trove of a 3,000-year old jewelry, being hidden at a northern home in Israel. The treasure of gold and silver...
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Posted by: madn3wz

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2012-07-26 17:40:18 -0700 | arts-culture-news

TEL AVIV, Israel (Sat, May 26) – Archaeologists have discovered a very rare trove of ancient jewelry near the ancient city of Megiddo in Northern Israel. The historical discovery will offer a rare glimpse into ancient Canaanite high society, said...
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Source: j.

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-05-29 19:17:55 -0700 | entertainment-news

This year's crop offers more than the typical retellings of the Exodus story. Two books have Passover as a backdrop for entertaining and imaginative storytelling that can spark conversation about the popular holiday's many rituals and traditions. One retells an...
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Breaking News: Online Encyclopedia on Albert Einstein available.
Posted by: Vicky247

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-04-19 12:34:44 -0700 | arts-culture-news

A file with physical documents of Albert Einstein is available online. Among there are his papers scientific works and love letters. Through the website can find scans of 7,000 manuscripts, classified in different sections. Among the notes there is...
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Breaking News: New find sheds light on ancient site in Jerusalem
Posted by: Jeronne Zamora

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-03-17 01:19:07 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Recently discovered coins underneath Jerusalem’s Western Wall may possibly modify the recognized impression concerning the building of one of the world's most sanctified places two millennia ago, Israeli archaeologists stated Wednesday. The guy generally recognized with progressing...
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Posted by: TracyJackson

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-04-10 06:20:00 -0700 | arts-culture-news

A large number of Jews visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem to mark the solemn day of Tisha b'Av. The worshipers gathered today to commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples and recited the Book of Lamentations while...
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Breaking News: (Image) Researcher: "I have found nails from cross of Jesus"
Posted by: faraway

Tel Aviv :: Israel | updated 2012-07-27 07:57:33 -0700 | arts-culture-news

A Canadian-Israeli filmmaker and researcher claims he has found that two nails were used in the crucifixion of Jesus. Simcha Jacobovici claims in his film "The Nails of the Cross" that the nails in a tomb found in Jerusalem. That...
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Breaking News: (Complete Photos) 1500-year-old church found in Israel
Posted by: Pijush Mitra

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-07-27 20:25:49 -0700 | arts-culture-news

Dear viewers, watch the exclusive photos of 1500-year-old church attached with this report. Archaeologists announced on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 that they had discovered a 1,500-year-old church in Israel. A well-preserved mosaic of lions, foxes, fish and peacocks was also...
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Breaking News: 1,500 years old church unearthed in Israel
Posted by: Earl Cebedo

Jerusalem :: Israel | updated 2012-03-16 09:53:41 -0700 | arts-culture-news

HIRBERT Madras, Israel - Archaeologists have presented to the public, a church that has been discovered in Israel which ages around 1,500 years. The church was unearthed in Judean hills wherein its floor was preserved, which is made of mosaic...
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