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Breaking News: Henry the dream for Olympiacos
Posted by: theodore295

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-11-02 00:01:38 -0700 | sports-news

After his first season in the presidency of Olympiacos, Evaggelos Marinakis is hoping to make a big move for the reinforcement of the Greek champions. According sources from the US, the president of the red and white is making moves...
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Breaking News: Dury the favourite for Olympiacos Volou
Posted by: theodore295

Vólos :: Greece | updated 2012-02-06 18:25:03 -0800 | sports-news

Francky Dury seems to be the favourite for the bench of Olympiakos Volou. The Belgian coach has made a very good impression to the president of the red and white Achilleas Beos, who already approached him. The conversation between the...
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Breaking News: Greek football in crisis
Posted by: theodore295

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-02-06 18:25:16 -0800 | sports-news

The Greek football is living the biggest crisis in it history. The president of the Greek Football Federation Sofoklis Pilavios has said that the federation has paused every activity until further notice. That means that the Greek teams are in...
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Source: Lexington Herald-Leader

Athens :: Greece | updated 2011-08-01 04:12:37 -0700 | political-news

Buy Photo Story Photos Barbara Campbell once wished her little boy would say something...Autism rendered her baby, Ryan Barts, silent in his first few years. Things have certainly changed. "I'm a celebrity in Central Kentucky, I am, maybe in Kentucky,"...
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Source: The Globe & Mail

Athens :: Greece | updated 2011-08-05 10:01:47 -0700 | business-news

Video Take Greece, able to roll over its debt only because the European Union and the International Monetary Fund are handing out 110-billion ($150-billion) of cheques. Greece is the world's 39th-biggest economy, and sinking, but is the 21st-largest oil importer....
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Source: Taiwan News

Athens :: Greece | updated 2011-07-10 12:03:56 -0700 | political-news

The Sydney Olympic medalists had blamed the accident for missing a doping test on the eve of the Athens Games. They were not present Tuesday when a judge read out the verdicts that also implicated the runners' coach as well...
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Source: The Globe & Mail

Athens :: Greece | updated 2011-07-10 01:29:01 -0700 | business-news

EDT Standard and Poor's cut Greece's rating to B from BB-, dragging it further into junk territory over concerns that a debt restructuring is increasingly likely. In our view, there is increased risk that Greece will take steps to restructure...
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Breaking News: Greece Denies Planned Exit from Euro Zone
Source: Novinite

Athens :: Greece | updated 2011-07-07 15:14:29 -0700 | business-news

Greek officials have denied a report in Germany's Spiegel Online magazine that the government is considering the possibility of leaving the euro zone and reintroducing its own currency. "An article published today concerning the possible exit of Greece from the...
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Breaking News: Sir Alex Ferguson "opens talks" over  £9.5m for Panathinaikos' striker Djibril Cisse
Posted by: Vea_triki

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-11-02 10:42:32 -0700 | sports-news

After the game between, the two biggest Greek Football Clubs Panathinakos and Olympiakos, last February and the excesses caused by Olympiakos followers, Panathinaikos' striker Djibril Cisse announced his will to leave Greece. The MVP of Panathinaikos was hit by fans....
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Breaking News: Bleach Episode#317 Update
Posted by: fizabatool

Taúros :: Greece | updated 2011-11-20 13:53:20 -0800 | sports-news

Bleach Episode#317 UpdateManga has not yet been adapted and show once again, there’s a good anime original stories for many years is just a few hours too long taken aussi objectives, we can make people nervous, which is relationships can...
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Posted by: imranulhaq

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-11-02 10:40:49 -0700 | sports-news

***CNN news riport*** As my CNN colleague Paul Armstrong sprints and I stagger towards the end of the Brighton Marathon in southern England on Sunday, with the traditional words "God Save the Queen," we will curse the wife of King...
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Posted by: uzmasiraj

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-04-18 01:36:16 -0700 | sports-news

Special Olympics Pakistan has started the third training camp at Sports Complex Islamabad in preparation for the world Summer Games 2011 that will commence in Athens, Greece from 20th of June.The athletes will participate in eight games out of 21....
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Source: The Scotsman

Panórama :: Greece | updated 2011-05-29 09:31:02 -0700 | business-news

The average employee has seen the value of take-home pay dive by £1,088, or 5 per cent, in real terms since the middle of the recession, according to BBC One's Panorama programme...But once the impact of inflation was factored in,...
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Breaking News: Greek Football is under the shadow of financial crises
Posted by: MyReports

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-11-02 19:47:46 -0700 | sports-news

Economic crises are taking the Greek Football towards the downfall and that's why the sporters of Football in the Greece are very disappointed.One person gave comment on it as:."Greek Football is not only of poor quality it is also rigged"....
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Posted by: anonymous

Athens :: Greece | updated 2012-11-02 19:46:44 -0700 | sports-news

multi-sports event “Mediterranean Games 2013″ will have to find another host, then Greece proved unable to fulfil its commitments. At an extraordinary session in Paris, the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games decided to withdraw Greece’s hosting as the debt-ridden...
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