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Posted by: NuritSolimany

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-09-13 06:13:00 -0700 | business-news bietet Dual SIM Karte, die on-line Schalten ermöglichen, ohne Dreh-Aus-, Standard-Auswahl-Funktion. Es erfordert nicht ausgeschaltet zur Zahl, automatische Umschaltung online zu schalten. Es liegen keine Daten zu verlieren für einige Handys beim Einschalten 2 Zahlen...
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Posted by: FatalGroove

Essen :: Germany | updated 2011-11-13 11:50:25 -0800 | entertainment-news

Born and grown up in 1980 in the former DDR, Fatalgroove discovered already in the mid 90s, in the age of 15, electronic music. In the early years of the techno movement he was amazed by Trance and Progressive Techno...
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Breaking News: German cars are offensive to women
Posted by: sharinaz

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-04-10 15:48:08 -0700 | entertainment-news

Only a third of cars in Germany will be allowed to women. German manufacturers cut off particularly badly - with one exception. Always new technical refinements are designed and in TV ads, sent to awaken emotions, touted: Especially the German...
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Breaking News: Weather events increase the risk of headache
Posted by: sharinaz

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-04-10 11:27:15 -0700 | health-news

Today, summer, cool morning rain - Some people react violently to the vagaries of the weather. But the mind plays a role. From autumn to summer and back again: In these days the weather is going crazy. After the heat...
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Posted by: zunairaumar

Essen :: Germany | updated 2011-12-27 12:24:46 -0800 | entertainment-news

"By early afternoon we had 67 customers. That's more than great for the summer. That's a lot, even more abnormal. We are surprised really. " Usually prevails in these weeks in the doldrums solariums. From June to late August can...
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Breaking News: "The summer is a dream for us': Boom in Tanning Salons
Posted by: junaid1990

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-03-03 18:06:45 -0800 | disasters-news

"Today, we boom," says Claudia Agolli, manager of a tanning salons in Essen. For 18 years, the 44-year-old works in tanning salons - as a rush as this summer she has rarely experienced. "By early afternoon we had 67 customers....
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Breaking News: + Google Challenge Facebook Is A Social Network Of The Battle
Posted by: abduljabar

Essen :: Germany | updated 2011-09-11 07:21:15 -0700 | technology-news

+ Google lets people share photos, messages and comments, but also includes business cards and images in the service. Moreover, the goal is to help users easily organize links to the groups. But some analysts believe that Google has simply...
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Breaking News: Woman has tattooed 152  facebook friends on her arm.
Posted by: latafat

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-02-11 09:34:13 -0800 | odd-news

A crazy facebook lover has tattooed 152 profile pictures of her facebook friends onto her arm. A clip posted by her on YouTube titled “My Social Tattoo” comes with the following note: Of course I gave it a lot of...
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Breaking News: “Wind Up”- Perry’s world’s smallest car [VIDEO]
Posted by: Surya Gaire

Essen :: Germany | updated 2012-07-25 18:42:44 -0700 | technology-news

Perry Watkins, who created The Flatemobile, the world’s lowest car also, has created the World’s smallest car named “Wind up”. This seems even smaller than a washing machine. Perry Watkins is releasing more of his work, this time the world’s...
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Breaking News: Aldi supermarket chain co-founder Karl Albrecht dies aged 94
Source: Guardian Unlimited

Essen :: Germany | updated 2014-07-21 12:18:08 -0700 | business-news

Aldi Sued/EPA Karl Albrecht, the man credited with bringing discount stores to Europe with the no-frills Aldi supermarket chain, died aged 94 last Wednesday, Aldi said in a statement. Publicity-shy Albrecht co-founded privately-held Aldi with his brother Theo after the...
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Source: United Press International

Essen :: Germany | updated 2014-07-17 06:54:19 -0700 | green-news

German energy company RWE Innogy said Thursday it was abandoning plans to build a biogas plant in the east of the country because of economic concerns. RWE said it agreed with biogas company Naturdunger Munsterland to stop plans for the...
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Source: The Star

Essen :: Germany | updated 2014-07-21 18:39:59 -0700 | entertainment-news

Federico Babina links art and architecture in his Archizoom series...Italian illustrator Federico Babina , known for his projects exploring the link between art and architecture, has released a new artistic series of prints which zooms in on some of the...
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Source: BBC

Essen :: Germany | updated 2014-07-22 04:37:47 -0700 | allnews

But how has Aldi become a household name, asks Chris Stokel-Walker...Basic store layout Walking into an Aldi is a totally different experience to walking into a gargantuan superstore such as Tesco or Asda. Bright, spacious rooms decorated with huge gaudy...
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Source: Open Democracy

Essen :: Germany | updated 2014-07-24 02:37:15 -0700 | allnews

People are no longer content simply to take part in elections and to delegate all their power to political representatives. If Europe wants to create a direct link with the people, there is no other solution than to put the...
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