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Posted by: pia80

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2013-06-18 03:25:23 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Vuonna 1948 perustettu Lundia tarjoaa innovatiivista suunnittelua ja tuoretta kalustemuotoilua suomalaisiin koteihin – jo yli 60 vuoden ajan. Nykypäivän huippusuunnittelijat ja vuosikymmenten kokemus yhdistyvät tuotteiksi, jotka kestävät aikaa ja katseita....
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Posted by: shylamckelvey

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2013-05-24 05:57:46 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Joka kevät autolehtien sivut täyttyvät erilaisista kesärengastesteistä ja –vertailuista. Artikkelit ovat pullollaan melko teknistä termistöä, on vesiliirto-ominaisuuksia, märkäpitoa, vierintävastusta, sitä...
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Breaking News: Brampton Real estate
Posted by: Foreclosure6

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2013-04-06 01:54:37 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Gurminder Gill - Real Estate Sales Representative 27 Armthorpe Road brampton, ontario L6T 5M4 (647) 931-5172 Brampton Real Estate Why employ a genuine estate sales representative? That is a question asked by a lot of people. It can...
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Breaking News: Opened Helsinki: design city for 2012

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2013-09-30 16:02:49 -0700 | lifestyle-news

With the motto 'Opened Helsinki: I design incorporate to the life', the capital of Finland this prepared one to give beginning to celebration of their great paper like World Capital of the Design in the year that we are points...
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Breaking News: Angry Birds Gown Design
Posted by: jesettextine

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2012-07-27 05:40:01 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Angry Birds definitely reach a great hit in gaming industry. But this time flying so high to hit the fashion biz. Here’s a photo I got from MSN, Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of an executive at Rovio (the company responsible...
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Breaking News: Finnish employees loses work ethics and right conducts
Posted by: anonymous

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2012-08-14 02:32:56 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Many Finnish employers are perplexed by a new generation of job applicants who do not seem to have a clue about the social skills necesary to hold a job. "The recruits tend to interpret work hours freely and think they...
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Breaking News: Finnish youths prefer eating meals with their family
Posted by: anonymous

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2012-08-14 02:32:57 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Fewer than half of the Finnish 14 to 16 year olds interviewed in a recent survey eat with their family. The study revealed that in many homes no meals are actually served. Yet, youths yearn for these regular, relaxed moments...
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Breaking News: Ventilateurs de table
Posted by: dysonventil

Tervola :: Finland | updated 2011-07-05 15:29:24 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Ventilateurs de table L'AM01 de Dyson est un ventilateur de table qui utilise la technologie Air Multiplier. Pas de pales. Pas de flux d'air discontinu. L'AM01 est un ventilateur de table sans pales qui utilise la technologie Air Multiplier. Le...
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Breaking News: A Bottle Of Champagne Fetches World Record Price
Posted by: dunite

Alahärmä :: Finland | updated 2012-11-02 20:12:34 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Salvaged from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea a bottle of Veuve Clicquot19th century shipwreck was sold for $43,630 at an auction in Aland, Finland, abs-cbn news .com said. It was one of the two bottles recovered from the 19th...
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Posted by: Mary1

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2011-10-17 02:04:29 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Olli Kortekangas is one of the most influenced composers in Finland. Sunday is the unveiling of his third work “Seven Songs for Planet Earth” . This musical piece is composed for symphonic chorus, children’s chorus, vocal soloists and orchestra commissioned...
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Posted by: Hossain420

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2011-09-10 14:33:41 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Nordic but not Scandinavian . Finland along with Iceland is Nordic rather than Scandinavian.. This is reflected in their language which is not Germanic in origin.. While many social values are the same, there are subtle differences with Scandinavians. Finnish...
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Posted by: diablozz

Nokia :: Finland | updated 2011-08-21 11:29:53 -0700 | lifestyle-news

X initial in Nokia refers to entertainment and social networking. The focus part is on multimedia side. One of the series is Nokia X6, presented as music series with lots of feature and 16 GB internal memory. First criteria to...
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Breaking News: Finnair plans to open unisex sauna in Helsinki Airport
Posted by: prabirghose

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2014-06-27 19:49:54 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Finnair has plans to open a sauna in the Helsinki airport for its platinum and gold card holders - only, it would be a unisex sauna and, while normally those who go for sauna do so in the nude, Finnair...
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Source: Remodelista

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2014-06-20 10:12:23 -0700 | lifestyle-news

Designer Samu-Jussi Koski is refining the new Finnish aesthetic through his fashion label, Samuji , which he launched in Helsinki three years ago. Style in Finland, Samu explains, is informed by its locale, sandwiched between the ultra-minimalist style of Swedish...
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Source: Remodelista

Helsinki :: Finland | updated 2014-06-06 08:10:14 -0700 | lifestyle-news

For nomadic picnickers or city dwellers with a sliver of outside space, a grill that can travel to a park or a beach (or a fire escape) is an essential. Above: From Finnish designer Klaus Aalto for Selki-asema, the City...
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