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Breaking News: Zodiac Signs Change due to Polar Shift: Get your new Sign
Posted by: anonymous

London :: United Kingdom | updated 2011-02-06 20:40:51 -0800 | odd-news

The Proffesional Astrolger argue hat when these 12 conventional stars were introduced the earh was in a different position with respect to sun as well as moon. You may loose your orignal stars and have new one, this movement of...
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Breaking News: PHOTOS: 400 People Gone Nude to Set a New World Record at Rhossili beach, South Wales
Posted by: madn3wz

London :: United Kingdom | updated 2013-12-02 05:59:34 -0800 | odd-news

A new world record is set today (June 19) at Rhossili beach, South Wales; when 400 people stripped off naked and went running into icy cold waters of to go skinny dipping and break a world record. Enthusiasts gather from...
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Breaking News: Shocking Murder Video ( 1 Ice Pick 1 Lunatic )
Posted by: pinkprecious21

Moscow :: Russia | updated 2012-09-16 19:57:50 -0700 | odd-news

The video 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video took the internet by the storm as the most horrific shock video to have been released to date. There are speculations that One Lunatic One Ice Pick may be an actual snuff...
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Breaking News: Oh, oh, oh not again! Woman is given Asbo against noisy sex ...
Posted by: uziii

Houghton le Spring :: United Kingdom | updated 2012-03-16 10:31:53 -0700 | odd-news

A woman who was given an Anti Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) banning her from making too much noise during sex has been arrested by police for breaching the order - just two days after it was imposed. Caroline Cartwright was...
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Breaking News: DWTS Takes on New Meaning in Germany (Winning Video)
Posted by: Nathaniel Hines

Hamburg :: Germany | updated 2012-07-26 11:03:43 -0700 | odd-news

While reality-bound viewers voting on and off celebs in the United States, Germany has pushed its own version, coined Dancing with the Slugs or correctly the Ugly Dance World Cup in Hamburg. Instead of a good tango, samba or waltz,...
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Breaking News: Katja Puschnik is the girl throwing puppies in the River
Posted by: kalex

Bosanska Dubica :: Bosnia and Herzegovina | updated 2012-07-27 10:04:13 -0700 | odd-news

According to the web information its believed that Katja Puschnik is the girl throwing puppies in the River .Yes finally her name is traced as she was searched by millions of internet users who wants her identity to give her...
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Breaking News: World's most dangerous Airport
Posted by: anonymous

Paris :: France | updated 2013-12-17 03:50:16 -0800 | odd-news

It's a little island in the Caribbean, half French and half Dutch, little pricey, but it's supposed to be amazing, plus the airport runway starts at one of the beaches and gives amazing close ups of incoming aircraft but considered...
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Breaking News: FREAKISH muscle men !
Posted by: Rohit

Berlin :: Germany | updated 2012-02-16 22:55:18 -0800 | odd-news

Here are some of the most EXTREME body builders of our era. Steroids obviously played a huge part in building the freakish muscle that these guys possess which is a real shame, for all all know the disastrous side effects...
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Breaking News: Holy Quran Emerged on Russian Boy Skin
Posted by: RaulDeSouza

Moscow :: Russia | updated 2012-07-26 15:16:39 -0700 | odd-news

A BABY boy has left doctors baffled after passages from the Koran were found on his skin. The parents of nine-month-old Ali Yakubov were stunned when the word Allah appeared on his chin soon after his birth. Since then scores...
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Posted by: prabirghose

Rome :: Italy | updated 2012-07-28 00:52:07 -0700 | odd-news

The 50-year old Italian sex starved businessman was not satisfied with his girl friend, so he asked an Italian adult toymaker to make a replica of his girl friend. He wanted it to have larger boobs and wider hips. He...
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Breaking News: VIDEO and PHOTOS - Topless Protest in Ukraine by Femen Against the Trial of Ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko
Posted by: madn3wz

Kiev :: Ukraine | updated 2012-07-26 22:06:06 -0700 | odd-news

KIEV, Ukraine - Female activists from a Ukrainian women’s group, Femen, has staged a topless protest on Tuesday (August 16) to show their rage at the trial of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The action by the Femen group, whose...
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Breaking News: Katja Puschnik ,the girl thrown puppies in the river
Posted by: creativeauthor

Sarajevo :: Bosnia and Herzegovina | updated 2012-01-15 10:40:51 -0800 | odd-news

Katja Puschnik is the girl who thrown puppies in the river .Its been revealed that she is from croatia.In the Internet after the video of the Girl throws puppies in the River been out,many social networking groups were in search...
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Breaking News: RuLeaks: Putin's $1 bln Palace Black Sea (Inside Pictures)
Posted by: adnansaghir

Sochi :: Russia | updated 2012-04-04 23:54:44 -0700 | odd-news

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is constructing a $ 1 billion castle in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, paid for with money donated by Russian businessmen, Vedomosti said, quoting Sergey Kolesnikov, a St. Petersburg entrepreneur. Kolesnikov last week directed...
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Breaking News: Latest VIDEO: Femen's  Topless protest in Davos, Switzerland
Posted by: madn3wz

Davos :: Switzerland | updated 2012-07-26 19:27:22 -0700 | odd-news

DAVOS, Switzerland (Jan. 28) – During a topless protest against the political and banking magnates problems of the poor in the world three female activists from Ukrainian FEMEN movement climbed the fence half naked that is outside the headquarters of...
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Posted by: anonymous

London :: United Kingdom | updated 2012-11-02 09:37:56 -0700 | odd-news

Paul Mason is the world's fattest man. He is weighing almost 1000 pounds. He has lost every thing but still can't leave his habit of food.He is on bed from almost two years. He eats on bed. pees on bed,...
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