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Posted by: abdulruff

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2013-09-30 16:02:51 -0700 | political-news

Attack on Prophet Muhammad (SAS) & Anti-Islamic Cartoons -DR. ABDUL RUFF ----------------- Islamophobia, the post-Sept-11 hoax phenomenon, is a multi-pronged anti-Islamic ideology framed by the West in order to promote NATO fascist operations in Islamic world led by the USA-UK...
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Breaking News: Denmark: Government plans to run entirely on renewables by 2050
Posted by: northsunm32

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-26 18:19:16 -0700 | green-news

The Danish government has announced that by the end of this decade one third of its energy will be from renewable sources. This includes wind and solar power plus power produced through burning biomass. The goal of producing all power...
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Posted by: shiela marie martinez

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-25 11:02:00 -0700 | your-story

A lottery company in Denmark blamed “human error” after the supposed billions worth of money has finally won but it turns its only hundreds. The lottery bettors thought they hit the biggest jackpot of their lives until it is told...
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Posted by: hina76

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-04-07 09:39:13 -0700 | humanitarian-news

“A rights-based development strategy is about placing people at the centre of our development cooperation. Not as passive recipients, but as central actors in charge of their own destiny” says The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Mr. Christian Friis Bach...
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Breaking News: Mawlid Conference held in Denmark by Minhaj Women League Intl.
Posted by: PirShahShamsulHaq

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-03-21 10:02:24 -0700 | spirituality-religion-news

Copenhagen: Under the banner of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League Denmark, a grand annual Mawlid Conference was arranged in which scores of women participated. The conference commenced formally with the recitation from the verses of the Holy Quran by Qari Nadeem Akhter...
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Breaking News: The risk of evolving resistance to antibiotics
Posted by: Rodolfo Buccico

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-26 18:41:30 -0700 | health-news

The Head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned the world is getting in an era where common injuries and diseases could kill, where hospital patients risk with their lives and where routine operations become dangerous to carry out....
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Posted by: Adrian Holman

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-27 23:03:38 -0700 | technology-news

Here is the European weather forecast for Sunday, March 11th, 2012. All weather statistics have been provided by and all degrees are in Celsius. Start off your week right by reading this forecast below. Madrid, Spain: Sunny and clear....
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Breaking News:  A Pakistani and an Iranian Killed in Sea Rescue abducted by Somalian Pirates
Posted by: nazish7

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-27 17:16:20 -0700 | disasters-news

A Danish warship opened fire on a pirate mother ship off the coast of Somalia, killing two hostages and arresting 17 suspects, according to an announcement Tuesday by the Royal Danish Navy. Danish ship HDMS Absalon had been following the...
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Breaking News: Piracy: two hostages killed during an operation Danish
Posted by: Nazish Fatima

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-04-19 06:36:18 -0700 | disasters-news

Two hostages died after release by a Danish warship of 18 hostages held by pirates on a ship off the Somali coast, said Tuesday the Danish navy. "The warship was following the pirate ship for several days. On the night...
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Breaking News: Finnish President’s Husband Caught Staring At Danish Princess’ Boobs!
Posted by: carltonbanks

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-03-30 19:49:40 -0700 | funny-news

Finish President Tarja Halonen’s husband Pentti Arajarvi was caught admiring Denmark’s Princess Mary’s chest in a low cut dress at a state dinner in Copenhagen last month. Video footage shows his wandering eyes transfixed by his neighbor’s boobs, but when...
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Posted by: jesettextine

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-27 17:29:01 -0700 | health-news

It was a latest practice among Pediatricians to recommend 3in1 or 6in1 vaccines for babies just to get rid of a monthly painful process of vaccination. It is quite expensive though at least the babies only have one shot for...
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Posted by: marvendumaguit

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-25 11:20:10 -0700 | causes-news

(Check It Out! Watch Video!) Finnish President Tarja Halonen's husband Pentti Arajarvi caught in the act as he looking at the cleavage of Princess Mary of Denmark. The event was a Royal dinner which held in Copenhagen where the 63-year-old...
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Posted by: lifted

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-02-07 14:30:38 -0800 | lifestyle-news

9 ½ recycled plastic bottles = 1 dress. That’s the future when it comes to sustainable clothing production from the Danish Fashion Brand, Jackpot. Material recycling is currently the most environmentally friendly type of production on the market. So it...
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Posted by: Abdel Fattah Hussein

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-07-27 23:10:09 -0700 | entertainment-news

Princess Marie of Denmark, second wife of Prince Joachim, gave birth on Tuesday 24 January at their second child, a daughter. This is the third grandchild of Queen Margretheand Prince Consort Henrik, grandparents of eight grandchildren. The royal palace of...
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Breaking News: Kurdish TV station fined for promoting terrorism in Denmark
Posted by: albapa

Copenhagen :: Denmark | updated 2012-01-24 11:05:10 -0800 | political-news

Roj TV, a Kurdish tv channel broadcasting from Danemark, has been found guilty of promoting terrorism. The two companies behind it are sentenced to pay a 5.2 million Danish crown (894,800 $) fine. The Danish court said that this satellite...
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