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Breaking News: Outrage against killing of Dutch NGO worker reaches Australia, Europe
Posted by: GerryAlbert

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-08 06:38:14 -0700 | political-news

By Gerry Albert Corpuz, anchor, all voices MANILA, Philippines- Reactions from different countries in Europe, as well as in Australia condemning the cold-blooded murder of Dutch NGO worker in the Philippines were sent to all voices yesterday. Human rights groups...
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Breaking News: Cuban President Raul Castro Visits China.
Posted by: IQBALMEMON468

Beijing :: China | updated 2012-07-27 14:32:43 -0700 | political-news

Cuba''s President Raul Castro began today an official visit to China, focused on strengthening bilateral relations, through the signing of some cooperation agreements. According to reports, the Cuban head of State also expects to talk with his Chinese peer Hu...
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Breaking News: The changing role of nation-state
Posted by: Bi Yantao

Beijing :: China | updated 2012-07-26 17:10:26 -0700 | political-news

By Yongxiu ZHOU (Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Taishan University,Tai’an City 271021, Shandong Province, China) Abstract As the process of globalisation and the development of ICT accelerate, the role of nation-state is changing dramatically in that their rules...
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Source: China News

Tōkyō :: Japan | updated 2012-09-02 21:25:01 -0700 | political-news

There are so many things in common between China and Japan ... (for example) our cooperation on new energy is a very large topic ... we should discuss the issue of nuclear reactors as a family because we are only...
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Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Kawasaki :: Japan | updated 2012-07-27 14:35:07 -0700 | political-news

As an MP from the Party DP, 38 Representatives and 12 Senators have left the ruling party. Earlier, 52 MPs have resigned but they withdrew this intention. The departure of this DP Party MPs have been anticipated. Although DP Party...
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Breaking News: Kim Jong Il wants to produce atomic bombs.
Posted by: Hua Chi Thanh

Kagoshima :: Japan | updated 2012-07-05 07:50:10 -0700 | political-news

Japanese media reported on 2-7 North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il has ordered officials under production "bulk atomic bomb" using enriched uranium. The Japanese in the media did not reveal more about his time in dictating Kim. Just know this...
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Breaking News: Queen Sofia of Spain arrived in the Philippines for a 5 day official visit
Posted by: shiela marie martinez

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-25 23:32:40 -0700 | political-news

Queen Sofia of Spain arrived in the Philippines, Monday for a five day official visit for the developmental projects funded by the Spanish government. She was accompanied by Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Dinky Soliman, Spanish Vice Minister...
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Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Shanghai :: China | updated 2012-07-27 14:35:39 -0700 | political-news

Today 2/7. According to the Supreme People's Court in Guangdong Province (China) said. Apple has agreed to pay for electronics manufacturers Proview amount up to $ 60 million to settle the dispute over iPad brand in China. It is known...
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Breaking News: Mongolia: Ruling party wants new elections with manual tallies
Posted by: northsunm32

Ulaanbaatar :: Mongolia | updated 2012-07-27 03:08:14 -0700 | political-news

In the parliamentary elections last Thursday a new automated voting system was used. The election before this where there was manual counting was marred by corruption allegations. Riots ensued in which several were killed. However, the automated system has sufferred...
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Breaking News: Huge Protests against 15 years of Hong Kong Retrocession by China.
Posted by: Vicky247

Hong Kong :: China | updated 2012-07-04 05:42:50 -0700 | political-news

It is a sight to see as tens of thousand of protesters rushed into the streets to make a huge protest against the 15th year of Retrocession of China. Sunday will be remembered in the history of Hong Kong as...
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Breaking News: Despite military-sponsored repression, Mercy mission accomplishes duty
Posted by: QuillRose

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-25 23:33:32 -0700 | political-news

MANILA, Philippines- Despite harassment and attempts to sabotage the mission, the Save Bondoc Peninsula Movement accomplishes its mission of giving service to the people of Quezon province. According to the statement stated by the SBPM, it stated that members of...
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Breaking News: Cannabis should still be restricted and regulated as a drug In any democratic republic
Posted by: RummelPinera

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2013-09-30 16:02:53 -0700 | political-news

Cannabis, though proven effective to bring temporary relief from certain medical conditions, is not an actual cure or remedy for any given sickness. It is a substance that can be abused by anyone- from a teenager to a grown-up man....
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Breaking News: Bigger protest, heightened armed resistance await Aquino's 3 years
Posted by: GerryAlbert

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-05 20:11:02 -0700 | political-news

By Gerry Albert Corpuz MANILA, Philippines- Massive protests and heigthened armed resistance await the remaining three years of Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. In a press statement issued to local and international media, a copy of which was emailed...
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Breaking News: U.S. helicopters fire in Korea.
Posted by: Le Thi Bich Lan

Kosŏng :: North Korea | updated 2012-07-27 12:53:30 -0700 | political-news

Today. A helicopter of U.S. military fire after an emergency landing at a coastal village south of Korea MH-53 aircraft of the U.S. Navy have landed on a rice field in Pohang, a Seoul about 374 km southeast at 12h30...
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Breaking News: Threats of mass arrests tries to discontinue mercy mission-SBPM
Posted by: QuillRose

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-25 23:35:02 -0700 | political-news

MANILA, Philippines- Despite death treats and mass arrests, the mercy mission continues its journey of peace. As according to the Save Bondoc Peninsula Movement (SBPM), members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well as the Police tries to...
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