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Posted by: shaun7654

Sydney :: Australia | updated 2012-07-13 05:12:41 -0700 | health-news

Fat losing effect in the bootcamp arena of Sydney. Know all the techniques and other quality factors of Bootcamp. Lose weight at a faster rate.
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Posted by: Holly468

Sydney :: Australia | updated 2012-07-26 16:52:14 -0700 | health-news

Burnout, otherwise known as adrenal gland fatigue, is a serious condition that we are hearing about more and more due to the stressful nature of modern life, family and money worries, which only helps to ignite it further. One may...
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Posted by: warliezdiaz

Iloilo :: Philippines | updated 2012-08-15 14:17:04 -0700 | health-news

IT WAS TEN O'CLOCK on a lovely wet morning. With the rhythm of the spattering rain, I meditated quietly. At the moment that the boat has sailed far, I’ve tried not to blink. Fragments of gloom from that time littered...
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Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-27 14:21:54 -0700 | health-news

Skooter reporting 07/11/12 Sitting in confidence at the top of both the healing foods and natural supplements categories is fish oil. Here’s a new maxim on everyone's favorite healthy fat: the more fish oil you take in, the more you...
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Posted by: hxmissyou

Zhengzhou :: China | updated 2012-07-09 18:39:26 -0700 | health-news

A brick is a block of ceramic material used in masonry construction, usually laid using various kinds of mortar. It has been regarded as one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials used throughout history. Brick crusher also called...
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Breaking News: Best Strategy For Smoking Is Found Here
Posted by: melissajacobs

Sydney :: Australia | updated 2012-07-09 18:33:54 -0700 | health-news

It is now very possible that you can smoke without threat or any problem because electronic cigarettes are here to make all of our smoking experience even greater and easier. You could throw away off all of the grubby ashtrays...
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Breaking News: Doctors remove 51-pound tumor from New Jersey woman
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-27 14:27:17 -0700 | health-news

Skooter reporting 07/08/12 A rapidly growing, 51 pound or 23 kg cancerous tumor from a woman was removed by New Jersey surgeons. Her treatment had been delayed for more than a month because she was not eligible for health insurance,...
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Breaking News: How Probiotics Protect the Most Important Part of Your Body
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2012-11-02 15:48:04 -0700 | health-news

Skooter reporting 07/07/12 One free day, I happen to pass by the clinic of Dr. David Juan. It was fortunate that he was relaxed at the time, so he let me in and I started to pick his brain about...
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Breaking News: Why You Need This Mineral for a Healthy Heart
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-27 14:30:17 -0700 | health-news

Skooter reporting 07/06/12 Last Wednesday, I visited Dr. Victor Marchione and it so happen we were talking about cardiovascular diseases. He pointed out one particular mineral - potassium in which he said is an important mineral for your nervous system....
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Breaking News: Start your Boxing Career under Guidance of a Boxing Trainer in Canberra
Posted by: florajones

Canberra :: Australia | updated 2012-07-05 00:50:26 -0700 | health-news

Boxing is a combat sport program that offers the professional boxers a complete training and makes them fit for their game. In Australia, you can avail a number of skilled boxer trainers in states like Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and almost...
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Posted by: prabirghose

Phnom Pénh :: Cambodia | updated 2012-07-27 14:31:59 -0700 | health-news

A mysterious disease has taken lives of more than 60 children in Cambodia and WHO as well as local doctors are worried because the disease has not yet been identified. This has been reported in dated 5th of July...
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Posted by: Mandorla

Lake Boga :: Australia | updated 2013-09-30 16:02:53 -0700 | health-news

Mandorlais a leading energy healing service fusing Western and Eastern energy healing techniques to focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. If you are looking to improve your wellbeing; achieve success in attaining your personal and business goals; and...
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Breaking News: Important Health Alert for Women
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2012-07-27 14:33:36 -0700 | health-news

Skooter reporting 07/04/12 Basing on the recent survey of almost 20,000 U.S. adults, people who are reporting problems with incontinence are growing. Specifically, the number of women over age 20 who reported leakage of urine during the previous 12 months...
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Breaking News: ASPS Admits Flaws In Australian Cosmetic Surgery
Posted by: PloyWongsathan

Bangkok :: Thailand | updated 2012-07-02 20:03:14 -0700 | health-news

Recently, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) warned citizens about going abroad for cosmetic surgery. In their opinion, the risks are too high. They would much prefer that you stayed at home and had your cosmetic procedures there. It...
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Breaking News: Obat Alami Keputihan
Posted by: halid

Tasikmalaya :: Indonesia | updated 2013-09-30 16:02:53 -0700 | health-news

Bagi yang mencari obat alami keputihan yang manjur yang tidak mengandung efek samping, Xamthone plus jus manggis lah solusi terbaiknya. Sekilas mengenai Keputihan Keputihan adalah penyakit kelamin pada perempuan (vagina) di mana terdapat cairan berwarna putih kekuningan atau putih kekelabuan...
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